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People The Can-Do Generation: Meet Rarin Thongma

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Rarin Thongma

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Rarin Thongma
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
July 18, 2018
Financial freedom and her love for ballerina-style shoes drives this successful young entrepreneur

They say good shoes take you to good places and in the realm of shoe making, more specifically ballerina-style pumps, Rarin Thongma has, without doubt, travelled far. Her company, Christina Grey Group, but more commonly known as O&B, emerged in 2012 as the result of her eagerness to combine her passion for fashion and the knowledge she obtained as a graduate of the Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan. While O&B offers a variety of fashion items and accessories, it is her best-selling Audrey collection of ballerina pumps that has created quite a buzz. Available in 50 gorgeous shades the footwear has the winning combination of quality, elegance and lasting comfort. With turnover of more than 100 million baht a year, business is doing more than well but ambitious Rarin wants to see her brand succeed on the international stage.


Rarin Thongma

By the end of this year, and much to Rarin’s excitement, O&B will be collaborating with globally renowned fashion icon Anna dello Russo, a milestone for the company’s plan to be internationally recognised. “We also want to launch a variety of new brands and products,” she says. “I love taking on new challenges.”

Work aside, Rarin enjoys sharing her experience and know-how as a guest lecturer at various organisations. She also plans to dedicate more time to meditation. “Whatever my endeavours are in life, I want to be able to succeed both materially and spiritually,” she says. “It is a natural human desire to be secure in life, both financially and emotionally, and to achieve both and help family, friends and colleagues along the way are very rewarding.”


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