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People The Can-Do Generation: Meet Piyarat Kaljaruek

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Piyarat Kaljaruek

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Piyarat Kaljaruek
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
July 17, 2018
One of our 50 Generation T listers this year, Piyarat is "transforming and transitioning" the Thai entertainment industry to the future

Piyarat Kaljaruek is a recognisable figure in the entertainment industry.  Always impeccably dressed, this head-turner is the son of Jaruek, CEO of film and television production entity Kantana Group. While Kantana has operated for almost 70 years, Piyarat’s entrance into the family business contributed to its coming of age with exciting new content for the Thai viewing public. Currently holding the position of vice president of the company, he is the mastermind behind some of the country’s most popular TV hits, including international franchises such as The Face Thailand, The Face Men and Gossip Girl. When he sets his mind to something, he gives it his all, the results of which have been more than fruitful. He has been back in the country for 10 years now and has certainly made his mark in the industry.


Piyarat Kaljaruek

However, the path to success was not as smooth as many may think. Although Piyarat had pretty much been immersed in the entertainment industry since birth, it took a few years of self-discovery and living abroad before he decided to return to Thailand and join the family business. A firm believer in high morals and strong ethics, that is precisely how the Kantana heir intends to continue running the company. He is also an ardent promoter of creating relationships between consumers and entertainment content so as to encourage new kinds of communication.

Looking ahead, there is much to be done. Still at the top of his game, Piyarat’s upcoming projects include The Real Housewives of Thailand, The Face Men Thailand Season II, The Next Boy Girl Band and Drag Race Thailand Season II.


Piyarat rarely has free time to spare but when he does a simple movie session on a cosy sofa keeps him content. And while he deeply loves what he does, if he were to pick an alternate career, he would be a performer, more specifically a singer. He is, after all, a graduate of Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Western music majoring in voice.

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