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People The Can-Do Generation: Meet Chawin Athakravisunthorn

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Chawin Athakravisunthorn

The Can-Do Generation: Meet Chawin Athakravisunthorn
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
July 17, 2018
This 20-something head of his own property development company is out to prove his critics and competitors wrong

Committed to bringing world-class standards to the next generation of property developers in Thailand, Chawin Athakravisunthorn is the co-founder and managing director of One.Six Development. The much anticipated luxury condominium The Strand, a joint venture with Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, is scheduled for launch this year. The goal of the project, Chawin says, is to combine craftsmanship, innovation, quality and service under an ‘essentially more’ concept, offering curated lifestyles and integrated hotel-like.

“We approach our business and projects with what we call smart difference,” he says. “This means merging new technological innovations with a renewed focus on authenticity and global standards in quality for all our projects.”


Chawin Athakravisunthorn

A graduate of Epsom College, UK, Chawin had several jobs, including stints in investment banking at JP Morgan and as a development executive at Dusit International, before following in the traditions of the family who have been involved in the real estate and land development business for more than 50 years. The 28-year-old admits to having made his fair share of mistakes in life but says that is precisely what has enabled him to grow. “Some of the biggest challenges are the ones you don’t expect. Those are the challenges that really make you grow in terms of the way you think and the way you perceive your career.”


Chawin underlines the importance of ethics when running a business, particularly honesty and authenticity. “You have to be honest to maintain credit and trust,” he says. “And authenticity in what you promise is of the utmost importance in order for others to believe in your brand and what you represent.” When his schedule permits, he switches off by going to the gym. He is particularly fond of snowboarding and behind the cultivated appearance of a serious businessman is a secret rapper dying to get out. “But that is for another lifetime,” he laughs.

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