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PeopleThe Best Tatlergrams Of Tatler Ball 2017

The Best Tatlergrams Of Tatler Ball 2017

The Best Tatlergrams Of Tatler Ball 2017
By Thailand Tatler
September 12, 2017
How fabulous was our anniversary ball this year? Have a first look through Instagram.

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The Tatler Ball was the shindig you were at last week if you're somebody in society. If you're not—well, at least not yet—you can still get a glimpse of how glamorous it was straight from the perspectives of the classy folks who attended. With "Lustrous Pearl" as the theme of this year's Tatler Ball and the venue at the posh Marriott Marquis Queen's Park hotel, here are the best insider Instagrams of the celebratory night of our 26th year of publication:  

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Ploy Bhinsaeng wishes us a happy 26th with this drop-dead gorgeous look and we are eternally

Parva Nakasai makes in entrance with an amazing slit, and would you also look at that dress train?

Tata went sleek chic for the Tatler Ball because only a supermodel can.  

Karuna Vatchanaphukka knows how to gather the fiercest squad at a party.

These besties. 

 A line-up of the Thailand Tatler's Most Stylish Men from 2013 to 2017! Epic. 

The most stunning thing you could wear at any social event is an authentic smile, right, Pound?

Only a cool chick like Apinara can make an extremely modest and vintage outfit like this look hot
and fashion forward!

When hubby Jay Spencer leaves the room, Ple manages to stage the most epic group shot of
the night.

The table you wanted to be seated at for dinner.

 Thank Camilla Kittivat for reminding us of what we ate that night!

PP Group's Orand Puipanthavong captions this photo "the eligible and the stylish" but which is
which, Orand?

 The details on Maylinda Bhakdithanaseth's outfit—we expect no less from the designer of 
A La Netti fashion brand.

He may have been our Most Stylish Man in 2013 but Oak definitely still has it. 

 We can't get enough of gorgeous belles rocking the high slit and long train. Here's Pitchana 
wearing her own design next to her dapper partner-in-crime, Parit Chittaropas.

Cheers to this crew of bold beauties, which includes Pattriya Na Nakorn, Tiplada 
and Fa Benedetti, for wearing fun colours and textures to the pearl-themed ball.  

Inspirational dressers, truly.

Kristi Sethaputra just cannot take a bad photo!

Life of the party, Nanthavan Santhamgitkul.

A perfect smile from Punnyaaphat Thanhomkul.

Hubby-wife duo Puwanart and Alisa Kunpalin and Saraichatt Jirapaet and Nava
show us that it's perfectly acceptable to be goofy at a grand gala. 

Kullachat Charnsetthikul and Jirath Vattanapataraset look like they're up to no good. 

Individually they're already attention snatchers, but together  Vasu Sakulanunt and
Wongchanok Chevasiri are a scene-stealing powerhouse! 

 Oh stop it, Mint. We know you’re fabulous.

Our digital editor, Mika, gave off major Audrey Hepburn vibes at the ball. Wonder if it was on purpose or just coincidence—she won’t say.

Onchuma Durongdej was such a vision in Poem AW 2017, we had to formally award her
Best Dressed at the event.

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