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PeopleIs Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding The Most Lavish Wedding Of 2018?

Is Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding The Most Lavish Wedding Of 2018?

Is Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding The Most Lavish Wedding Of 2018?
By Mary Losmithgul
September 10, 2018
From bespoke Dior dresses and private jets to life-sized mascots and a specially curated carnival, here’s everything you need to know about the fashionista's most epic wedding

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Image: Courtesy of IG @fedez

On September 1, Italian super-influencer Chiara Ferragni married her longtime sweetheart Federico Leonardo Lucia—AKA Italian rapper and X Factor judge Fedez—in a viral, fairytale wedding ceremony. If you’ve been on Instagram at all, chances are you’ve come across the nuptials’, documented by the currently trending hashtag #TheFerragnez. Considered the influencer version of the Royal Wedding, the Insta-famous lovebirds went all out, from private branded jet to three bespoke Dior wedding gowns and even a personalised carnival built just for the occasion. Here's everything you need to know about what went down.\

The Bachelorette Party

As expected of an insta-relevant romance between two major influencers, news around the wedding has been buzzing since May last year, and not one part of the affair was understated. For her bachelorette party, Chiara Ferragni headed to Ibiza with her dearest ride-or-dies for a glamorous weekend of sunbathing, yachts and evening soirees. Of course, there was a hashtag too—check #ChiaraTakesIbiza.

The Venue

Chiara may have taken Ibiza for her bachelorette, but for her wedding she kept it totally Italian, holding the ceremony at the breathtaking island of Sicily. A magical open-air ceremony brimming with florals and romance, the event was held at the Dimora delle Balze—a stunning boutique hotel known for its magnificent gardens and fairytale-like ambiance.

The Invitations

We knew the party was going to be spectacular when we saw the invites. Leaked on Chiara Ferragni’s personal Instagram around a month ago, they summarised the vibes of the upcoming wedding in a nutshell: that is, to expect the unexpected. Behind a subtle, pastel exterior, the invitations pop-up at you once opened, showing a lavish design of the couple themselves curled in a romantic embrace. A ferris wheel serves as their backdrop, flanked by key giveaways of a tropical party setting.

The Mascots

You can’t make an epic wedding without a little extravagance, and few things are as extravagant as giant cartoon mascots of the bride and groom. Upon arrival, guests were first greeted by the oversized yet undeniably cute alter-egos, a sure-fire sign for more spectacular things to come. Of course, the mascots have their own IG handles, which already have enough followers to be considered insta-famous.

The Mini-Sized Mascots

There were the giant alter-egos, and then there were the tiny ones. We still can’t tell which one we like best. These showed up during the carnival after-party, but we’ll get to that later.

The Plane

The life-sized mascots was just the first step, but of course The Ferragnez took things further. For a wedding that went well past 100% on the scale of wow, the couple flew their nearest and dearest directly to the event venue on private Alitalia flights. They didn’t stop at just the exclusive plane—they branded the entire experience, complete with customised flight tickets and a pink carpet branded with their hashtag #TheFerragnez. Even the on-board snacks were personalised—The Ferragnez pringles and M&M’s.

The Floral Welcome Display

This massive floral welcome was also found laid out in the middle of town. No biggie.

Dior Gown #1

Then we come to the most hyped part of the whole affair—the three bespoke Dior gowns, designed especially for the occasion by Maria Grazia Chiuri herself. For her wedding, Chiara wanted to have a classic dress that would still allow her to keep her fashion-forward and adventurous identity. The result was a stunning mock-neck romper of crochet lace, inspired by the techniques used with Venetian lace in the past. The gown was layered with thousands of feet of tulle that revealed her legs for a playfully youthful vibe—an effort that took over 1600 hours to create.

Dior Gown #2

Chiara loved an evening gown from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first Dior collection, and the dreamy tarot gowns from Dior SS17 became a key inspiration for Ferragni’s own ball gown. Hand-embroidered in layers, the gown featured lyrics from the song Fedez wrote for his on-stage proposal to Chiara onstage during his concert in Verona. Other symbollic references were also found in the embroidery—landmarks for all the cities in which they’ve lived together, as well as a small lion representing their baby son Leone.

Dior Gown #3

Of course, since there was an after party, there had to be a dress for the occasion. Chiara Ferragni switched the ballgown skirt on her evening gown with a whimsical mini-tulle number. The result was a coquettish, ballerina-esque gown perfect for having fun in style.

The Bridesmaids

The wedding gowns weren’t the only fashion statement. Chiara Ferragni’s six bridesmaids—Pardis Zarei, Francesca and Valentina Ferragni, Martina Maccherone, Michela Gombacci and Veronica Ferraro—were breathtakingly beautiful in silk gowns, pink as per wedding tradition. The dresses were also eco-friendly, created using sustainable materials by Alberta Ferretti in collaboration with Eco-Age. Yes for conscientious fashion!

The Cake

Beautifully surrounded by flowers, Chiara and Fedez's six-tiered cake was especially created by boutique bakery Marco Failla.

The Rehearsal Dinner

While Chiara and Fedez tied the knot on Saturday, September 1, things had actually kicked off since the night before when the couple hosted a rehearsal dinner for close friends and family. Held at the Noto Bassi di Palazzo Nicolaci, the couple’s nearest and dearest were treated to an evening of flowers and heartfelt emotions. There was also a DJ booth decked with crystals, where world famous Benny Benassi spun the wheels. Chiara wore Prada.

The Evening Reception

Those who were blown away by the rehearsal, brace yourselves for more. The proper evening reception was absolutely stunning. Tables brimming with pastel-hued flowers filled a room dubbed the Light Cave, dark save for the illumination of fairy-lights. A setting plucked from a dream, it was as if it had been held amongst a sea of stars. So jealous.

The After-Party

And the most extravagant part of all, the Coachella-esque after-party was a carnival, one created solely for the occasion, complete with The Ferragnez shining brightly at the entrance, a ferris wheel and a carousel. Guests could play the claw machine and win a mini-sized alter-ego of the newly weds. There was even merchandise—cue mugs printed with the couple’s pictures. Disneyland can step aside, The Luna Park is where to be this season.

The Marketing Effect

The Insta-famous status of both bride and groom garnered tremendous hype in regards to the highly-awaited nuptial—hype that was apparently worth more than $5.2 million in media value. Chiara and Fedez's wedding perhaps wasn't officially a royal ocassion, but we don't think anyone will contest that their relationship hasn't been of absolute royal internet status.  

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