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People Our Favourite Celebrity Instagrams From Pride Month

Our Favourite Celebrity Instagrams From Pride Month

Our Favourite Celebrity Instagrams From Pride Month
By Anna Thong
By Anna Thong
July 03, 2019
Rainbows, revellers and a lot of realness

It’s been a very colourful month of June on the ‘gram these past few weeks and rightfully so. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which inspired the first Pride in 1970. Members, allies and icons of the LGBTQ+ community took to Instagram to document their celebrations. Here are some of our favourite snaps:

1/6 Billy Porter

Thank you, Billy Porter, for blessing our feed yet again. The fabulously flamboyant actor stunned the WorldPride parade in a rainbow gown custom-made by Christian Siriano—the same designer behind Porter's iconic Oscars tuxedo-gown. If there's one person who can personify the LGBTQ flag whilst wearing peep-toe platforms and a cocktail in hand, it's Billy.

2/6 Lady Gaga

Gaga honoured Pride this month with a surprise appearance at New York City's Stonewall Inn, the infamous gay bar and the birthplace of the LGBTQ rights movement. In true Gaga fashion, she shocked thousands of revellers who had gathered for Pride Live’s Stonewall Day Concert when she appeared wearing embellished rainbow boots and colourful denim. During the event, she delivered an emotional speech defending the LGBTQ+ community, "True love is when you would take a bullet for someone. And you know I would take a bullet for you any day of the week...The universe brought us together in the spirit of kindness, and together we’re a powerhouse... I hope you celebrate every inch of who you are today. You were born this way and you are superstars!"

3/6 Queer Eye's Fab Five

We give this a 5 out of 5! The Queer Eye boys were back at it again with their fabulous snaps. This one, which was taken during WorldPride Parade this Sunday, gives us serious celebration FOMO. Those who were lucky enough to see Johnathan Van Ness' midriff and feathered rainbow skirt in person, we truly envy you. 

4/6 Lizzo

Lizzo's #Pride make-up look had all of her Lizzbians in awe with her fierce Instagram video. With a look like this, we can't wait to see what beauty looks are in store if and when she bags the role of Ursula in The Little Mermaid live-action reboot.

5/6 Aquaria

Aquaria or Aphrodite? The RuPaul's Drag Race star embodied the ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty and passion with this ethereal Insta post. 

6/6 Madonna

Madonna channelled a sultry spy in a recent post on the 'gram. The LGBTQ icon took the dark NYC streets fashioning a leather Versace trench coat and rainbow X-marked eye patch. So mysterious.

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