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People #Tatlergram: How Our A-Listers Are Getting Fit

#Tatlergram: How Our A-Listers Are Getting Fit

#Tatlergram: How Our A-Listers Are Getting Fit
By Mary Losmithgul
February 18, 2018
One of your New Year's resolutions, no?


Here’s the problem with February: with hearty chocolates aplenty and—for those who celebrate CNY—those round-table family dinners, you’re bound to put on some weight.  To make sure we get our figures back in time for Songkran, we're going to need some serious motivation to get fit. So here are the best A-lister #fitspo on IG right now. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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Songstress and mama Lydia keeps her exercise routines fun by switching up the treadmill for jogs in the park. Adding a morning run at your local park to your daily schedule is a good way of keeping fit, physically and mentally. 


Madi Ross shows us that partner yoga moves are not only beautifully graceful but also a great way to strengthen your core and vitality. Trade out your hectic metropolis life for a quick yoga getaway to give yourself that much needed mental and physical boost. 


If your schedule's too tight and you won't be making it to any beach yoga reatreats anytime soon, no worries because you can effectively yoga anywhere. You just have to have the right mindset. Here Fay looks deep in concentration on her moves.  Go grab a mat now!


The secret to Book’s envy-inducing bikini bod is pilates. An intense way to build strength, control and endurance throughout your entire body, your first pilates session might leave you rather sore but stick to it and you'll be all smiles and abs at the beach. 


Another fan of pilates is Chitpas Tant Kridakon, who diligently attends the classes held at her regular gym. A great thing about most new gyms these days is that they come with both top-notch equipment as well as a series of classes, such as aerobics, boxing fitness, pilates and even flying yoga, which you can book or sometimes even walk in and try. So how bout it?


Last but not least, one of the ways SuperRich's Pam maintains her slim but strong physique is by playing a fun sport, and a classy one for that: polo. Here's her snap from  the recent King Power International Ladies Polo Tournament 2018 to inspire those of you who struggle to motivate yourself to exercise. Perhaps you just need to find a sport you're passionate about and for which practicing will seem more like a treat than a chore. 


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