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Events Tatler Ball Awards 2019: Most Stylish, Most Eligible And More

Tatler Ball Awards 2019: Most Stylish, Most Eligible And More

Tatler Ball Awards 2019: Most Stylish, Most Eligible And More
By Thailand Tatler
September 30, 2019
Who are our people of the year?

Each year, Thailand Tatler celebrates its anniversary with the grandest and most prestigious gala—the Tatler Ball. As with every year, the most anticipated part of the ball is the unveiling of our annual award winners for Most Stylish Man and Woman, Most Eligible Man and Woman, Couple of the Year, Person of the Year and Best Dressed Man and Woman of the night. Here are all the winners of this year's ball: 

1/8 Person Of The Year: Khunying Natthika Wattanavekin Angubolkul

Khunying Natthika is the chairwoman of the ASEAN Women’s Enterpreneur Network which is organising the first Women’s CEO Summit this year. She has spent a great part of her life helping society, particularly advocating female-related issues. And in addition to her role as CEO of family-owned Eastern Sugar Group, she is a former president of the National Council of Women.

2/8 Couple Of The Year: Siriporn and Adisak Panupong

Former Thai Ambassador to Austria and member of the National Reform Council, Adisak and Siriporn Panupong have spent decades representing Thailand overseas during which they have also raised their sons, Adiplin, Aditip and Aditat. The diplomatic veterans are devoted to each other and support each other’s involvement in the Her Royal Highness Princess Pa’s Gumlunjai Project.

3/8 Most Stylish Man: ML Korkrita Kritakara

ML Korkrita is managing director and founder of Iconic Studio, importer of ceramic tiles, who is also known as a guest DJ at chic events. Aside from his sense of humour and being the life of the party, his style and bold sense of fashion definitely make him stand out from the crowd.  

4/8 Most Stylish Woman: Pranapda Phornprapha

Pranapda Phornprapha is a founding member of The dragonfly, a regional platform aimed at mobilizing the society towards gender equality. She is also a co-founder of Paroshoot, a fashion retail & distribution company; director of Siam Motors and runs the family’s Yamaha Music School. The fashionista is the local distributor of brands such as Christian Louboutin, Missoni and Havaianas. With a keen eye for fashion, she never looks anything less than stunningly chic.

5/8 Most Eligible Man: Kavin Eiamsakulrat

Kavin is deputy managing director of real estate developer KE Group. Bringing new energy to the family business, he is leading the company’s latest real estate investment trust. At 25 years old, the charming young executive has years ahead at the top of the business world and represents a fine catch for any enterprising young lady. 

6/8 Most Eligible Woman: Apinara Srikarnchana

Apinara is a co-founder of U Drink I Drive. With a smile that lights up the room combined with her good looks and charm, the ambitious young entrepreneur is a head-turner wherever she goes. A dedicated businesswoman, Apinara is also keen on making a positive social impact.

7/8 Best Dressed Man: Dr Somsak Chalachol

Dr Somsak Chalachol really owned the glam rock theme with his flamboyant long-tail jacket embellished with blinding rhinestone appliques. The founder of the eponymous multi-branched hair salon, Chalachol donned the impeccable ash coloured hair with an air of the 80’s rock star. 

8/8 Best Dressed Woman: Sorat Amatayakul

Sorat Amatayakul (right)
Sorat Amatayakul (right)

Appearing at the Tatler Ball in a green short dress with structured shoulders and diamantine neck and wrist cuffs, Sorat is always spotted in social gatherings dressed to the nines. Sporting a pair of glittering boots, teased mullet beehive, and blunt eye makeup, the head of a die manufacture definitely rocked the theme.

Watch the recap video of the 2019 Thailand Tatler Ball below: 


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