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People The Biggest Star Of Cannes Who Wasn't At Cannes: Sine Chetsadakan

The Biggest Star Of Cannes Who Wasn't At Cannes: Sine Chetsadakan

The Biggest Star Of Cannes Who Wasn't At Cannes: Sine Chetsadakan
By Deirdre Heavey
June 24, 2018
Breaking the Internet with her spot-on low-cost cosplays

Sine Fan Bing2.png

Image: Courtesy of IG @framsook_lek_lek

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and follow @framsook_lek_lek on IG. Benjaphorn "Sine" Chestsadakan is the 22-year-old designer, model and owner of this low-cost cosplay blog, recreating many iconic celebrity looks with inexpensive—often edible—local materials. From Ratchaburi province, Sine quickly became an internet sensation after imitating a few famous red carpet looks of high profile celebs, notably "Chompoo" Araya Hargate.  

In the last couple of years of cosplaying, not only has Sine created equally as elegant looks as the original designers, she has managed to make fashion more about creativity than conformity, as well as give the world something to grin about.  Here are a few of Sine's cosplays we can't get enough of: 

Chompoo At Cannes 2016

When Sine saw Chompoo Araya's dress at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, she couldn't help but notice the similarity to her mother's prawn-crackers. Out of this inspiration, Sine decided to recreate Chompoo's look using only prawn-crackers. When this creative cosplayer posted the picture on Instagram, she earned overnight fame as people just couldn't seem to get enough of the hilarious imitation. 

Chompoo At Cannes 2017

At the following year's Cannes, Sine knew she had to give the people what they wanted with another cosplay of Chompoo's red-carpet look. This time, she actually used hundreds of mushrooms to recreate that extravagant shall. 

Chompoo At Cannes 2018

At this year's Cannes, Sine out-did herself once again with a third-installment of Chompoo's red carpet ensemble. Believe it or not, Sine put together dozens of Durians to give off that bright yellow glow.  

 Fan BingBing At Cannes 2018

Eat your greens! Or wear them, if you're  Benjaphorn Chestsadakan and you're a creative cosplay mastermind. Sine looks elegant from head to toe with, from the silver corset to the lettuce train, but what really completes the look is that silver frying pan purse. That is some grade-A sarcasm if we've ever seen it. 

Rihanna At The 2017 Met Gala

Bad Gal RiRi? More like, Bad Gal SiSi! To recreate this iconic three-dimensional Rihanna look at the Met Gala in 2017, Sine actually used ham. Yes, ham. And it was amazing. 

Gucci FW 18

When this model for Gucci FW18 walked down the runway holding her own severed head, people were already turning their heads. Sine, however, actually managed to upstage Gucci's shock-factor when she posed with a severed pig head wearing an almost identical outfit to the original model that probably cost much, much less.  

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For one of Sine's more recent cosplays, she uses a blue-striped tarp—ubiquitous here in Thailand, often seen on contruction sites or in hardware stores—to recreate the iconic uniform of the equally famed BNK48 Thai idol group. Just when we thought economical replication couldn't get any better, Sine tops it off with a sausage link tie—a snack hidden in plain sight.

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