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People #SansiriPride: Celebrating Diversity And Equality

#SansiriPride: Celebrating Diversity And Equality

#SansiriPride: Celebrating Diversity And Equality
By Deirdre Heavey & Mika Apichatsakol
July 11, 2018
Sansiri is out and proud about its corporate values of love and equality

IMG_5283 copy.jpg

Sansiri's co-working space at its headquarters

As an industry leader in real-estate, Sansiri is committed to providing employment opportunities to people from all cultures and backgrounds regardless of race, gender and sex. In honor of Pride month, Sansiri proudly took on the responsibility to raise public awareness and ensure equal employment opportunities for their LGBTQ clients—starting from the inside out. 

In addition to transforming their iconic blue logo to a dazzling rainbow-coloured design for all of its communication mediums, the company hosted a Pride-themed gathering called #SansiriPride. Taking place at Sansiri’s newly modeled co-working space for its staff members across all departments, the internal event celebrated  gender diversity and inclusivity while effectively highlighting the necessity of accepting and encouraging environment.

IMG_5283 copy.jpg

Pride balloons

IMG_5462 copy.jpg

The Sansiri team celebrating #SansiriPride


Rainbow cupcakes for the staff to enjoy

IMG_5345 copy.jpg

The Sansiri team delighting in rainbow cupcakes and other colourful sweet treats

At the event, the Sansiri team was encouraged to come as their most authentic selves. The entire staff was welcoming of the diverse backgrounds and identities of their fellow co-workers and held a considerable amount of pride for their positive work environment. While celebrating with rainbow colored balloons and cupcakes, #SansiriPride was a great opportunity to appreciate differences in honor of LGBTQ Pride month.


The Sansiri family taking pride in their vibrant celebration and corporate philosophy of inclusion 

Go Sansiri.


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