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PeopleSansiri Hosted Its First-Ever Sansiri Talk, Geared At Sparking The Now Generation

Sansiri Hosted Its First-Ever Sansiri Talk, Geared At Sparking The Now Generation

Sansiri Hosted Its First-Ever Sansiri Talk, Geared At Sparking The Now Generation
By Mary Losmithgul
August 03, 2018
The first edition featured Pomme Chan, Ou Baholyodhin and Ken Wanakijpaibul


July 12 saw celebrities and leading figures from Thailand’s design and creative industries gathered at the modern, white-washed My Kitchen on Siam Discovery’s fourth floor to attend the first ever Sansiri Talk Series: Design x Experience Presented by Sansiri XT.

A new initiative by Sansiri PCL, the talks aim to share current trends in the creative industry, as well as answer how innovation and design can be harnessed to meet the needs of the generation of driven millennials.

The line-up of speakers for the first Sansiri Talk included high-profile leaders in Thailand’s creative and design industry, Tachamapan Chanchamrassang, Nakarin Wanakijpaibul and Nopadon Baholyodhin. All three shared their invaluable insight on breaking through in the creative field, which can be as difficult to navigate as it is exciting.



Nakarin Wanakijpaibul, Ou Baholyodhin, Tachamapan Chanchamrassang and Chayatat Vongmanee

Founder of What If design shop and cafe and Happy Pomme Studio, illustrator Tachampapan Chanchamrassang, better known as Pomme Chan, is a very familiar face on Thailand Tatler. As one of our Generation T listers, she continues to elevate Thailand's art industry to new heights, with recent collaborations with leading international brands such as Marc Jacobs and Mercedes-Benz.

On her work approach, she explained, "I used to spend a lot of time at work. Now, I don't just work hard, but work smart instead. From my design experience, is is important to focus on gaining a clear understanding of the customer's needs as well as the why, what and how behind the product you are creating."

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Tachampapan Chanchamrassang (AKA Pomme Chan)


With such a strong reputation in the industry, one would expect Pomme Chan to have a strong sense of personal style and creative identity. However, she in fact disagrees, elaborating that "identity is important, but at the same time we should pay more attention to what we are working on instead of always sticking to a so-called style."

She prefers to have flexibility when it comes to her work and various other project she takes one, as it’s apparently her key to creative freedom: "having too strong of an identity can sometimes make your frame of thought too narrow and limit your freedom in initiating new ideas."

“Now, I don't just work hard, but work smart instead.”

Beside Pomme Chan, the young and charming Nakarin, or Ken, Wanakijpaibul started on his journey in the content industry by contributing as a columnist at a day magazine and Matichon newspaper. After a stint at The Momentum, he now sits at the helm of The Standard as the editor-in-chief. 


Nakarin Wanakijpaibul

A lot of his personal work is centered around social happenings and pop culture—topics close to home. When it comes to what he focuses his work on, Ken explains that "as a magazine, we are content creators. Those who make content have a big role in society. Even though the general mindset is difficult to change, we as content creators have an influence over the direction of this mindset. It’s because of this that I want to be aware of what we are putting out there. I don’t want to introduce content that doesn’t add value.”


Nopadon Baholyodhin

Yet another very familiar face on the panel, Ou Baholyodhin is Sansiri's chief creative officer and was also Thailand Tatler’s May issue’s cover star. Despite having been in the industry for years, he still remains up to date with the ever-changing needs of the younger generation. He explains this by commenting, “most of today’s design focuses on how to meet the demands of millennials—the generation has a great impact on creative trends. In order to design experiences that meet the needs of this group, we can’t only depend on research and studies, but also need to understand the millennial lifestyle and take on a human-centric approach."

Where does he apply all this information and nuanced understanding of the millennial way of life? "Gaining insight to the characteristics and trends of millenials is the driving concept behind Sansiri’s new real estate approach, meeting the demands of the new generation who are seeking an experience that is more than the material, but extends to expanding their network and society.”

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