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People Rolf Von Bueren Defines "Thainess" In Lotus Arts De Vivre's New Blog

Rolf Von Bueren Defines "Thainess" In Lotus Arts De Vivre's New Blog

Rolf Von Bueren Defines "Thainess" In Lotus Arts De Vivre's New Blog
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
April 30, 2020
The octogenarian shares his 57 years of experience in Thailand

There is a certain charm and joy in hearing someone recount their past, especially from those who have been through different times and met different respectable figures. A man who lives and breathe the arts and the founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre, Rolf von Bueren is now adding blogging to his long list of hobbies, sharing his 57 years of experience of living Thailand in his inaugural blog post on titled Defining "Thainess". The observer's point of view is crucial when looking at a culture, and Rolf reflects his past experience in Thailand with a standpoint of being both foreign and familiar. Before falling in love with the kingdom, Rolf grew up in Germany with a Catholic upbringing. As he narrates in his writing, he compares different opinions and preconceptions the West has towards Thailand, offering rebuttals through his understanding of and love for the country. From geography and religion to social structures, Lotus Arts de Vivre's venerable founder expounds Thai culture in an angle everyone can learn from. Read the blog post here: Defining "Thainess".

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