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Events Ravipa Jewelry Launches Project To Help Both SMEs And Vulnerable Communities

Ravipa Jewelry Launches Project To Help Both SMEs And Vulnerable Communities

Ravipa Jewelry Launches Project To Help Both SMEs And Vulnerable Communities
Thanisa Veerasaksri, owner of Ravipa Jewelry
By Jittaphisudth Kannawat
June 08, 2020
A pay-it-foward campaign that involves small business and KOLs

Many SMEs saw their sales decline drastically following the COVID-19 outbreak and necessary safety measures put in place. One of these small-medium business enterprises was Ravipa Jewelry Co. But as this whole experience is showing us, innovation and pivoting are the keys to survival for businesses. Out of crisis, Thanisa Veerasaksri, owner of Ravipa Jewelry, came up with an idea of how to help startups such as hers in an increasingly digital and mobile world.

These days, any brand, big or small, would like to be connected with KOLs, or "influencers", who have the potential to boost their products to a strong following. Thanisa's newly birthed Chuaygunna Project is not only intended to be the link between some 250 online stores and 700 KOLs, but a charity project for severely at-risk individuals as well. 


Under Chuaygunna, Thanisa and her team at Ravipa are connected startups and small online businesses with influencers best suited to them, without charge. The KOLs in the programme, too, have agreed to help businesses promote their goods free of charge. 

In addition, Thanisa and her staff have collaborated with the SMEs to produce and distribute survival bags containing useful goods and food to vulnerable communities in the Lad Krabang district. These communities consist of individual and families facing extreme financial deficit due to COVID-19 as well as elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

Thanisa explains that the project has opened her eyes to the extent of suffering of small business owners. What it has also taught her, however, is the power of lending a hand and working together. She believes that Thai people by nature are willing to help each other when the nation is at crisis, no matter how little they have to give. 

For potential businesses wishing to sign up for Chuaygunna Charity Project, click here 



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