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People Prince George is The New Year's Motivation You Never Knew You Needed

Prince George is The New Year's Motivation You Never Knew You Needed

Prince George is The New Year's Motivation You Never Knew You Needed
By Sinsiri Tiwutanond
December 29, 2016
He's royally unimpressed with your decisions.

New Year's resolutions are fun to make, but rarely are they easy to keep. With only a couple of days left in the year's calendar, a lot of us are taking a look back at the decisions we've made over the course of 2016 to set up new ones. Questions like, "Did I really make use of that new gym membership?" or "Was it really neccessary for me to buy that handbag in three different colours?" are starting to come to light. Perhaps, you could have done more.

Here to stop you from making yet another regrettable decision is Prince George. The royal tot has had quite a year. From having to share the limelight with his new baby sister to  tiring public visits and every child copying his style,  you can tell the 3-year-old just can't even with 2016. Next time you think about skipping out on a yoga session, browse through this gallery. Let Prince George be your guiding spirit into the New Year.


rs_1024x759-160708111701-1024-prince-george-july-5-2015-face (1000x741).jpg

prince-george (384x600).jpg

o-PRINCE-GEORGE-facebook (1000x500).jpg

prince-george-air-force-2 (838x555).jpg

prince-george-today-tease-151111_a2e1b23a653cccde6d5fa161550e4151 (1000x563).jpg

283CE03A00000578-3066711-image-a-1_1430696507443 (634x501).jpg

103683043_FAIRFORD_ENGLAND_-_JULY_08__Prince_George_of_Cambridge_attends_the_The_Royal_International-large_trans++bNWtAZp4M83CNbYcU41Ja-l9Ano71rv4xVjZCllUibY (594x371).jpg

3613B64300000578-3679511-image-a-37_1467991305256 (962x718).jpg

1402855920_prince-george-z (1000x821).jpg

gettyimages-610287158 (1000x750).jpg

prince_george_feature1 (960x540).jpg

prince-george-parents-duke-duchess-cambridge (810x540).jpg

Prince-George-Stalked-By-Photographer-Police-Kate-Middleton-and-Prince-William-Legal-Action-517952 (590x350).jpg

prince-george-wave-z (1000x563).jpg (1000x741).jpg

rs_1024x759-160708110507-1024-prince-george-april-7-2014-face (1000x741).jpg


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