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People DM Home's Pimrucha Santrakul Is An Executive With A Sense of Fun

DM Home's Pimrucha Santrakul Is An Executive With A Sense of Fun

DM Home's Pimrucha Santrakul Is An Executive With A Sense of Fun
By Phunnattha Manutham
By Phunnattha Manutham
December 01, 2019
Pimrucha has largely engineered the ascendency of DM Home in the competitive Thai furniture market

Known to all as Ohm, Pimrucha Santrakul, vice president of high-end furniture business DM Home, thinks for a nanosecond and says, “Smell is my favourite sense. It triggers the memory. When you’re young you smell something and make associations with it in your mind, recording time, place, how you are feeling and so on. When you become an adult you only have to smell that smell again to immediately recall those associated memories. I love nostalgia-inducing aromas, but also the DM Home smell,” she laughs. “It’s very cool, modern and sophisticated—a young smell.”

This fascination with the senses helps to explain why the University of Dundee architecture graduate chose to stay on in Scotland and study for a master’s degree in the phenomenology of architecture—which is the study of the sensuous reactions people have to structures and spaces, or how we feel about different buildings and spaces based on what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Such research aims to inform architects and interior designers so that they can create ever more inviting and practical homes, offices, shopping and leisure spaces.

“Hence our motto, The Finest in Every Sense,” says Ohm. “We don’t want customers to simply walk into a room. We want them to connect with the space, to have a sensual experience they will remember.”

Following Dundee, Pimrucha worked in the UK for several years, mainly with RHWL Architects, a well-known firm that specialises in theatre interiors. In 2009 she got to work on one of the most exciting projects she has ever been involved in—preparing the O2 Arena in London for Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour. Sadly, however, the project was never finished because in June of that year the king of pop passed away.

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Married to insurance company executive Dr Chalermpol Saiprasert, Ohm is a second-generation member of the family that started Decor Mart nearly three decades ago and has been with the firm for six years. “I had just left my position at architecture firm DWP Thailand and we were rebranding from the old Decor Mart name, so it was an interesting time and represented a challenge,” she says.

Currently DM Home has upmarket outlets at two locations—in Thonglor and at Siam Paragon—with plans for more in the future. “We aim to be a one-stop solution providing consulting, ordering, customisation and post-construction services to our clients. If you give us a blank room we can outfit it as a space of function and beauty,” says the 35-year-old, who personally deals with most of the firm’s clients and also handpicks the brands it stocks.

“We are very strategic and selective about who we work with. Today we partner with the likes of Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren, brands with unique qualities.”

The company also recently established a scholarship programme to send Thai design students abroad. “We have really creative people in Thailand but often they need help to develop their skills. I know first-hand the benefits of studying overseas, so we are happy to be funding such opportunities for a new generation of Thai talent,” Ohm explains. “It is a chance for them to learn, grow as individuals and have some fun.” And fun is very much on the agenda for the work-hard-play-harder businesswoman when it comes to her own downtime. “Why exert yourself if not to enjoy the fruits of your labour?” she giggles. “So what if my preferred fruit comes in liquid form in a bottle marked vintage?”

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