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PeopleThailand Tatler's Favourite Instagram Pets

Thailand Tatler's Favourite Instagram Pets

Thailand Tatler's Favourite Instagram Pets
By Thailand Tatler
March 01, 2019
Nothing quite like looking at a jpeg of a cat you don't know to pass the time


When the going gets tough, the tough look at pictures of cute cats and dogs on the internet. We may find ourselves inadvertedly engaging with this sacred millenial tradition every once in a while, letting their adorable furry selves grab hold of our hearts, but there's nothing wrong with that. 

Here are some of our favorite pet Instagrams to look at to bring warmth and comfort to the mind:


This Los Angeles feline superstar reeks of charm and class in every photo she's in. You may recognize Muad'Dib's name from the acclaimed sci-fi novel Dune. That's just how classy she is.


On the other end of the spectrum is this soft little golden doodle. Follow her everyday life and you'll soon be charmed.


Mosey Mirsalehi Stibbe is this dog's name and being fashionable is his game. His Insta personality is cute, helpful and just a tad bit flirty.


This Chiweenie adorably named Tuna is on a mission to spread joy and laughter to the world. Tuna's canine efforts will quite likely melt your heart.


Late fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld's darling child, Choupette Lagerfeld, is possibly the world's richest cat as of late. Karl's persona lives on in his cat.


Cat or dog? How about fox? It's not everyday someone's house pet is a fox. Juniper Fox is the happiest fox on the planet, and he lives with other house critters as well—Scales the gecko, Herbal the chinchilla and bestie Moose the dog.


Pretty much the dog version of @muaddibthecat in terms of fashion sense, Swaggy Wolfdog here lovers his shade and links and only seems to hang out with rappers and hot chicks. 

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