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People Naphalai's Diary: January 1-7

Naphalai's Diary: January 1-7

Naphalai's Diary: January 1-7
By Naphalai Areesorn
By Naphalai Areesorn
January 11, 2018
"It was a great way to start the new year: by being reminded of who you were then and how far each of you have come—and maybe how much more you have to go"

The first week of the new year and it's another consecutive week of three working days only—for me, that is, as I took a day off leading to the Christmas weekend. Gotta be careful otherwise I am going to get totally spoilt and find it difficult to work a full week. It's going to be a long wait for another long weekend to come around. Looking at the calendar, there won't be another public holiday until Makha Bucha in March and that's on a Thursday so no long weekend. Got to wait until April before we can indulge in several days off at a time. 

I've always thought that it would be wonderful to have a week with Wednesdays off. Imagine you would be working on Monday and Tuesday, get Wednesday off to recharge and another two days of work before the weekend. Don't you think that would do wonders to reduce our stress level and help to reduce as well stress-related diseases? We would all be so much healthier! But although employees would love that, I'm sure it's not such a great idea for employers who end up with fewer work days but the same overheads.  

But it was lovely to have those extra days off. As you can imagine, I normally have a very busy schedule which nowadays extends even into the weekends. This means I have very little time to attend to my personal affairs. So it was just marvellous to have the time to clear up some of the mess in the house, sort out my wardrobe and get things in order—all very uninteresting but things that needed to be done. 

My three work days were just that—work! Not until we finish our annual restaurant guide due out in March will I be able to breathe more easily. So it's a good thing that this period was quiet as far as parties goes. No-one was silly enough to hold an event as they figured that not everyone was back from the holidays. The assumption wasn't far off as the roads weren't too busy and even in our office there were empty desks. Monday is the day of reckoning as it's going to be hard to prolong the absences and with everyone back at work, it will be the same old traffic jams as always.   

Actually I did get one invitation last week but it was for something that got so screwed up that I am not even going to mention it. Suffice to say that PR agencies who want to maintain good relations with the media should learn how to write invitations clearly and with the correct details otherwise they shouldn't send them and expose their unprofessionalism. This also means that the next time I get an invitation from this particular source, I would think very hard about whether to turn up. 

My week ended with a get-together among friends who go back a long time—and I mean long like over 30 years. No, you don't need to do the maths—the ages of each of those who turned up (not counting their children) pretty much exceeded more than half a century. But I think it was a great way to start the new year: by being reminded of who you were then and how far each of you have come—and maybe how much more you have to go? Hosting the lunch was real estate developer John Young, former PR maven Natteewan Kolasastraseni, former luxury brand retailer Tipaporn Ajanant and socialite Chitramontn Techaphaiboon.  

Sorry it's another short account this week but with not much happening it's a wonder I was even able to squeeze out these few paragraphs. However my calendar is filling up for this week so you can expect a more substantial—and hopefully more interesting—report the next time round.

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