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PeopleNaphalai's Diary: August 13-20

Naphalai's Diary: August 13-20

Naphalai's Diary: August 13-20
By Naphalai Areesorn
August 21, 2018
As usual, our editor-in-chief meets many important people, but this week not without a few scratches

Last week was not a good week.

No, not all. To be fair, it did start off on a good note. Monday was a holiday, compensation for the birthday of HM Queen Sirikit and Mother's Day. It wasn't a complete day off for me though as I had been invited by ML Poomchai Chumbala for the concert of Dutch-born diva Pia Douwes' charity concert followed by an after party at his Agalico house that evening. Since I was leaving from home, I didn't want to drive to the Thailand Cultural Centre by myself so I used the guilt card to get my son to come along with me. He hadn't joined me for the Mother's Day lunch on the day before, so I made him feel bad enough to accompany me to the concert.

The next day was my first day at our new office at Wall Street Tower. It is obviously going to take me some time to adjust to the new environment. Anyway, we spent the better part of the day trying to get everything working and in order and by evening I really wasn't in the mood to go to an event. There was a dinner for the launch of Ogeu mineral water from France at The Athenee hotel's Reflexions restaurant and since I had confirmed I felt I couldn't back out. But on the way, a car driven by a hot-headed young man bumped into me leaving several long scratches along the right side of my car. By the time his insurance man turned up and everything was sorted out it was too late to go for the dinner. So I headed home and what should happen but just as I was making a left turn, I didn't see a motorcycle parked so close to the corner that I scraped into it leaving more scratches on the left side—matching scratches, you might want to call it. Not a good day at all.  

the strand.JPG


Lunchtime Wednesday,

I went with digital editor Mika to Bangkok Marriott for the launch of The Strand, a luxury condo on Thonglor by two young people from families with real estate holdings: Tanyatip Chearavanont and Chawin Athakravisunthorn. Since we were supposed to be closing the September issue I had too much work so didn't stay for lunch. But I did get the chance to say hello to Tanyatip who used to live in Hong Kong and has friends at Hong Kong Tatler.

la prairie.JPG

Later that day, the skies opened and poured buckets and buckets of water down on us at the worst time possible: right when everyone was getting ready to knock off for the day. I was stuck in the mother of traffic jams—three whole hours to get from the office at Suriwongse to Sukhumvit Soi 39 for La Prairie's Skin Caviar launch dinner. I have been in bad traffic before but never one as bad as this. It took me a whole hour on Rama IV from Suriwongse to the Sathorn intersection where our old office was located. I would have cried if I'd thought it would do any good but it would have just been a waste of tears. By the time I arrived at the La Prairie event, it was all over. Patrick Chong, chairman of Luxasia, distributor of La Prairie, kindly offered to get me some dinner but all I wanted was to go home and crawl into bed. 


On Thursday,

I decided I couldn't face another day like the one before so when I went to Central Embassy's Hongbao restaurant for Tue Sombatsara Teerasaroch's celebration of the first anniversary of his Tue Sanit TV programme, I just left my car there. The one good thing about the new office is that it is not too far from Saladaeng skytrain station. So I took the skytrain back to the office after the lunch and after work it was the skytrain back to get my car. Even then it took me about an hour in total to get home at Thonglor whereas before I could make it in 45 minutes or less. By the way, Tue's party was loud and noisy, very much like the man himself, with lots of friends and media turning up to wish him well.  


Jasmin's The Beginning collection

Friday finally came around

—with a lunch and the opening of jewellery company Jasmin's new store at Anantara Siam. President Panuwat Sabmaneeanant, one of the four siblings running the company, presented The Beginning collection inspired by dance movements. Again I decided to leave my car at the hotel as it was easier to get home from there than from Suriwongse. But as I got off the skytrain to walk to the office, my nemesis, the rain, came down hard and even though I had an umbrella, I was pretty drenched by the time I reached the office. And then the downpour stopped. 

And that was it, a miserable week indeed. At least I didn't have an event on during the weekend and was able to get some rest. Not a great start to our move to a new office. And as expected, we weren’t able to close the September issue so we will be out late next month. Apologies in advance.

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