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People Meet Jessica Wang, The 25-Year-Old Winner Of Masterchef All Stars Thailand 2020

Meet Jessica Wang, The 25-Year-Old Winner Of Masterchef All Stars Thailand 2020

Meet Jessica Wang, The 25-Year-Old Winner Of Masterchef All Stars Thailand 2020
By Jittaphisudth Kannawat
August 25, 2020
Thrust into an unfamiliar environment at a young age, Paope managed to find her footings and then an unstoppable passion

Dream, talent and determination are the three components of Jessica Wang's success, having won this year's Masterchef All Stars Thailand competition. At only 25, she's become something of a role model in the online world to young aspiring chefs—not to mention female chefs—because beyond her prestigious win, Paope has also managed to open a successful online bakery, Babekery, selling traditional Taiwanese desserts. Let's trace the footsteps of this bright young chef to learn more about her journey to All Stars victory. 

At the age of 12, Paope's parents sent her to Singapore for middle and high school, which she remembers as a challenging time of adjusting to a new language, culture and surroundings. A humble person, Paope recognised her shortcomings and says she resolved to digging deep into her studies to catch up with other students. The determination paid off, as she eventually came out at the top of her class, but something was still missing. Looking around, she noticed that many of her peers had passions, activities beyond academics which they worked hard at and tried to perfect. This realisation became the starting point of Paope's culinary journey. 

For university, her instincts took her to Switzerland to study hospitality. It was there that she found her passion for cooking and went on to Le Cordon Bleu in London to further herself in the art of cuisine. Later on, she would finally return to Thailand with the intention of learning more about Thai food. She enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit and after finishing the course, decided she was ready to compete in Masterchef All Stars Thailand. Joining the second season of the competition with much less experience compared to the other contestations, she got through all the challenges with hard work and talent towards victory. 

When you ask Paope what the proudest moment of her career so far has been, however, she'll say that it's the ability to cook for her family and everyone she loves. This is the very reason she started Babekery, a touchpoint to those who have been supporting her cooking career.

To learn more about Babekery or order Paope's delicious Taiwanese desserts, visit its Instagram page

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