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People 10 High Society Mums Who Had Newborns In 2020

10 High Society Mums Who Had Newborns In 2020

10 High Society Mums Who Had Newborns In 2020
By Shada Vijitkasemkij
January 22, 2021
Recent arrivals bring hope and joy to a clutch of high-profile mums

1/10 Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul

Former singer and corporate affairs director Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul, now also known as Pasaya, welcomed her son Norapat (Tyme) nine months ago. Currently embracing the joys of motherhood, she admits that Tyme has changed her life for the better. She states that the slow journey into motherhood has given her more clarity on her priorities as well as keeping her grounded and humble. “Everything that used to matter doesn’t seem too important to me now,” she laughs. “Tyme has made me more resilient and patient, and for that I am grateful.”

2/10 Disaya Sorakraikitikul

Loving parent of one-year-old Nathaphat (Ob-oon) and 14-year-old Nathasorn (Eim-Aim), Disaya Sorakraikitikul is no stranger to the challenges of parenting in the modern world. Religiously studying parenting guides prior to the birth of her children, Disaya and husband Danai have taken a more traditional approach. “I try to encourage my children to play as much as possible,” she says, adding that she believes practical play is the best way for them to learn. When describing her children, Disaya says the two siblings could not be any more different. “Eim-aim was a very calm baby whereas Ob-oon is active and inquisitive,” she says. “I believe it is extremely important to act as a role model for our kids in order to guide them on the right path. We must support our children according to their needs and passions, whatever those may be.”

3/10 Jareyadee Spencer

Jareyadee Spencer, doting mother of one-year-old Jaya and six-year-old Jake approaches motherhood with utmost confidence. She plans to have her children focus on strengthening their Thai culture and language skills before looking into international schools. Emphasising the importance of independence, Jareyadee and her husband Jay believe in the idea of letting their children learn through their own experiences and challenges. “If they run and fall, I would encourage them to get up on their own,” she says. “I want to raise my kids in a way where everyone can learn from accidents while remaining stress-free.”

4/10 Jutawan Suwannamas

Jutawan Suwannamas and her daughters, one-year-old Aya and three-year-old Ava are quite a team. Having two energetic toddlers at hand, Jutawan has devoted her time to becoming a full-time mother. Priding herself in the close-knit dynamic of her family, Jutawan together with husband Tiruth say parenting using reason is the most critical value. “It’s important that I nurture my daughters,” she says, “but I also wish for them to grow up to be reasonable. We must teach our children the importance of reason in order for them to be respectful and independent.”

5/10 Onchuma Durongdej

Active mum to nine-month-old twins Purich (Colin) and Purichaya (Chloé), Onchuma Durongdej is a supermum in the making. Imposing a clear routine from the get-go, Onchuma says this is what keeps her family on schedule. “We always have breakfast together as a family,” she says. “We also try to get the twins to play four times a day, in addition to sticking to a sleep schedule and a tradition of swimming together as a family every Sunday.” Generosity and individuality are also highly valued in this household; Onchuma says she and her husband Pitipat Preedanont only buy one toy between the two children in an effort to teach them how to share. “I want them to grow up to value each other,” she says. “Right now they are quite young but you can already tell the massive difference in each of their characters.”

6/10 Praedao Hetrakul

Power couple Dan and Praedao Hetrakul and their son Tycoon are no stranger to the spotlight. The couple say each of their large families has played an influential role in raising their son, as Tycoon can always be found in the company of his grandparents and cousins. Acknowledging the importance of experiential learning, Praedao says she often encourages Tycoon to explore the world independently but as safely as possible. “We want him to grow up to be the best version of himself,” she says. “Experiencing the world himself will help him find out what that version is.”

7/10 Prairpun Tumwattana

New parents Prairpun Tumwattana and husband Koramith Tahvisavivit welcomed their daughter Prima in October. The couple approach parenthood stress free and say their daughter changed their lives in the most unimaginable way. “Prior to having Prima, I was an impatient and hot-headed person,” says Prairpun. “Motherhood has taught me the value of unconditional love and care, it’s made me become calmer.” The future is bright for Prima as her parents have already begun looking at potential schools for the youngster. “We want her to receive the best education,” Prairpun says. “As a new parent, I’ve learned it’s incredibly important to prioritise the needs of my child.”

8/10 Teerapa Promphan

Supermum Teerapa Promphan and husband Suraparp Lim-atibul take on parenthood with enthusiasm. With happiness being the most important value in this household, Teerapa says she wishes for two-and--a-half-year-old Natprabha (Daidai) and one-year-old Rommyakorn (Pahpah) to learn through their experiences and face the challenging reality of life with optimism. “I want them to be happy,” she smiles. “Our children’s job is not only to make us proud, it is also important for them to be good, honest and genuine people.”

9/10 Tipanan Srifuengfung

Adventurous parents of six-year-old Wyn and one-and-a-half-year-old Fyn, Tipanan Srifuengfung and Cory Thawin’s household is always bustling with activities. As a full-time mother, Tipanan places an emphasis on the importance of keeping her children engaged and stimulated through non-academic extracurricular programmes. “I want them to do what they love,” she says, “and for us it is usually horseriding.” Balancing their time in Hua Hin, Khao Yai and Pattaya for horseback-riding lessons, Tipanan’s children are no stranger to the active and physical lifestyle. “We also want them to value the importance of reading,” she adds. “Reading ensures they can further seek knowledge for themselves.”

10/10 Varangkana Jitsakdanont

Devoted parents Varangkana Jitsakdanont and Romrawin Kariwan are proud of their one-year-old daughter Jinnasitang (Sitang). Having faced the biggest challenge of starting a family, it is no wonder both parents adore Sitang. It is clear the couple value the concept of resilience and progressiveness. “We want to be as modern in our parenting as possible,” says Varangkana. “We want her to grow up to be humble, respectful and independent.” Meanwhile, Romrawin speaks about his protectiveness over his daughter which has influenced him to become a full-time father. “Sitang is extremely energetic,” he smiles. “I wouldn’t dare to leave her with anyone else.”

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