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People Levi’s Thailand Tells The Stories Of 3 Incredible Thai Women

Levi’s Thailand Tells The Stories Of 3 Incredible Thai Women

Levi’s Thailand Tells The Stories Of 3 Incredible Thai Women
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
March 22, 2019
An office lady-turned-triathlete; a photographer finding her purpose; and an underachiever who became Miss Thailand and then a volunteer doctor

With March marking the month of International Women’s Day, I’m sure you’ve seen a pivot in brand campaigns lately to highlight inspirational female role models. As a gatekeeper of content at Thailand Tatler, I know I sure have and while admittedly not all campaigns I’ve encountered this past month have made me feel empowered and increased my liking towards the brand, here’s one that did.

Earlier this month, Levi’s Thailand launched the regional version of its global Women’s Day campaign, I Shape My World. Inviting three truly unique, passionate, driven and charismatic Thai women to join the campaign, Levi’s told their inspiring stories through the medium of the times: video.

An office lady-turned-triathlete, a female photographer who rediscovered her passion going back to her hill tribe roots and an underachiever who became Miss Thailand Universe and then a volunteer medical doctor—watch all three of Levi’s Thailand’s I Shape My World videos below. 

Lalana Kongtoranin


You might remember Lalana, or “Jeab”, as the winner of Miss Thailand Universe in 2006, who later took on a more boyish appearance and left the limelight to focus on medicine. Not just a doctor, Jeab’s passion is providing medical care for the underprivileged with her free clinic. So accomplished now, you may be surprised to hear Jeab admit that she was an F-scoring student throughout her childhood. It was only in her late teenage years when she randomly interned at a local hospital did she realise her life’s purpose was to help others and started working towards becoming a doctor. Her advice to young women everywhere? “Don’t discriminate yourself.”

Follow Jeab at IG @jeab_lalana.

Arjaree Kiatfeungfoo


Just four years ago, Arjaree was like most office ladies. She didn’t workout, didn’t take particularly good care of herself and the word “athlete” wasn’t in the vocabulary she used to describe herself. As her weight began to increase, however, Arjaree went on her first run at Lumpini Park. Not being able to complete a lap, she went back the next day and the next until she could. Before she knew it she was doing small marathons, then a half marathon, and then a full marathon and now triathlons. As Arjaree talks about her triathlon experience in the video, she hints at the key to overcoming intimating obstacles: “When I swim, I don’t think about bicycling or running. I only stay focused on swimming until I finish it.”

Follow Arjaree “Noon” at IG @nooncake.

Supattra Munsawaeng


This story isn’t about a woman succeeding in a male-dominated profession, Supattra “Au” states outright. An accomplished young photographer, she explained in a press conference that she was once getting more commercial jobs in a year than there were days. It was a direct result of her passion for photography but ironically over time, it began to diminish the joy of her work.

Taking some time off and returning to her native Chiang Mai, Au started taking pictures of the local community. As most hill tribe households have never owned photographs of themselves, Au’s prints became such meaningful gifts to the families she photographed. That was when it clicked that her photographs had to bring joy to others. Au went on to collaborate with some of Thailand’s top celebrities to produce a book to raise funds for children with cleft lips.

Follow Au at IG @maneemejaiphotographer.

How do you shape your world? #IShapeMyWorld


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