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People If Thai Society Belles Were Cast As Disney Princesses

If Thai Society Belles Were Cast As Disney Princesses

If Thai Society Belles Were Cast As Disney Princesses
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
July 11, 2019
Just for fun

There's been much talk on recent castings of live-action versions of Disney princesses, and it got us thinking—hypothetically, in the world of Thailand Tatler, who would we cast as princesses in Disney's live-action adaptations? Here are the results of our intellectual discussion:

1/7 Belle: Fa Benedetti

A classic beauty inside and out, Belle is a dream of a daughter and Disney princess. Diligent, well-mannered, compassionate, patient and most of all loyal to family, we see more than just physical resemblance between her and Italasia's hospitality director, Fa Benedetti. Always citing family as the most important thing in her life, Fa leads her family's F&B business with grace and heart. 

2/7 Mulan: Apinara Srikarnchana

Often mistaken for being from East Asia, Apinara's youthful features, signature straight black hair and spunky personality makes her the perfect society belle to represent Fa Mulan in our imaginary Thailand Tatler Disney universe. Validating our choice for Mulan is Apinara herself. While we were writing this, Apinara's Instagram profile picture had been changed to an image of the animated Mulan! The co-founder of U Drink I Drive has also shown us time and time again that her alternate signature look is that ready-for-battle high bun. 

3/7 Ariel: Yanin Viravaidya

You can stop holding your breath now. Our choice for the eminent Little Mermaid is none other than Yanin Viravaidya. Not just for her perfectly voluminous hair, Yanin's bubbly and at the same time shy personality sometimes makes her seem like a fish out of water in social situations, and we love her for that. Plus, this Tatler cover girl's evident love for the beach has always had us wondering if she was an actual mermaid in a past life. 

4/7 Snow White: Chulalux Piyasombatkul

Who else would we cast as Snow White but Chulalux Piyasombatkul? We all know that iconic fringed bob is here to stay. Often styling her signature hairdo with quirky, vintage-inspired pieces, "Moo" always stands out at events, even amongst her peers, just as Snow White does amongst the Disney princess posse. 

5/7 Jasmine: Srei Vacharapol

This recent Instagram post by Srei Vacharapol sealed the deal for us in the casting of Aladdin's Princess Jasmine. Seductive when she wants to be, both Jasmine and Srei strike us as independent young women, who may have been born into privilege but seek thrills beyond material luxury. 

6/7 Cinderella: Sawitri Rochanapruk

Cinderella is one of the most optimistic, classic and loveliest of Disney princesses, which is why we think she would be best represented by the elegant Sawitri Rochanapruk. No matter how many times you've seen her at galas or emceeing for high profile events, she always exudes an enchanting presence—one that could only be endowed by a fairy godmother. Another reason we're seeing "June" as Cinderella is probably because of her affinity for brands like Poem that are known for princess silhouettes.

7/7 Pocahontas: Shannon Kalayanamitr

Shannon's smouldering eyes and piercing wit are what makes us relate her to the daughter of Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas. The successful business leader and women's rights advocate is out-spoken and not afraid to challenge the status quo of the tribe. She seems to be constantly guided by natural instinct, and while ambitious and passionate, is not without her playful side. 

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