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People 10 Best Holiday Tatlergrams

10 Best Holiday Tatlergrams

10 Best Holiday Tatlergrams
By Thailand Tatler
January 04, 2019
Our favourite hi-so Instagram snaps from the holidays


Miss the holidays? Let these Thailand Tatler celebrity Tatlergrams take you back to the glamourous Christmas and New Year's you wished you had. 

Pimdao Sukhahuta

The queen of snappable aesthetics, along with her sisters, Pimdao Sukhahuta enjoyed a picture-perfect winter holiday in Europe aboard the Orient express. 

Danai Sorakraikitikul 

This A-lister opted for a tropical holidays underwater, taking the whole family out for a dive over New Year's. 

Vatanika Patamasingh na Ayudhya

You can also count on Vatanika to make any occasion both glamourous and sassy. For Christmas, the fashion icon gave us all what we wanted: a special edisode of #ThisIsMeVATANIKA and this glorious photo for us to double-tap.

Chulalux Piyasombatkul 

Chulalux Piyasombatkul, or Moo, made her holidays nostalgic and sentimental with a visit to her childhood spent in the UK. Her feed from her trip is filled of warmth and on-point winter looks. 

 Yanin Viravaidya

Where else would Yanin be on any vacation but the beach? #beachgirl4life

Dan & Praedao Hetrakul

Dan  and Mimi Hetrakul decided to celebrate New Year's by announcing some happy news on Instagram: they are adding another member to their family this year. Congrats!

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Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng

Always inspiring us to be more adventurous, Pow chose to spend the coldest time to the year trekking the Himalayans. We'll feel accomplished if we do half this intensity this year. 

ML Korkrita Kritakara

Confetti on the floor in this photo, ML Korkrita Kritakara clearly had a wholesome good time with his family over the holidays. 

Korn Narongdej

Korn Narongdej made the festive season look like Valentine's with sweetheart Sirita in Switzerland. 

Salin Lamsam

Last but not least, Nam Salin Lamsam gives us winter wonderland realness, sitting by the glacial beauty of Bow Falls in Canada with her fluffy fur coat and winter boots. 

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