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People Generation T: "What Does A Saint Look Like?" With Nick Supreda

Generation T: "What Does A Saint Look Like?" With Nick Supreda

Generation T: "What Does A Saint Look Like?" With Nick Supreda
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
January 21, 2019
Thailand Tatler speaks with Generation T honouree Nick Supreda to get to the bottom of the question

Appearances can often be deceiving. Many have preconceived notions about nightclub owners and nightlife organizers, especially those like Nick Supreda Sotavongse.

Born and raised in the USA, this Generation T honouree moved "back" to Thailand after graduating from college to reconnect with his roots. Having grown up relatively privileged in America, Nick discovered an urge to give back to youth here and doing so in the way he knew how to. From scratch, he quickly started up a successful nightclub in Thonglor called Blaq Lyte, which would donate a portion of its earnings to orphans in Thailand's rural region. The following year in 2018, Nick created the Bangkok Block Party as a charity event that also gave the city's young, globalised crowd the kind of good time they've been asking for. 

Despite the unrequired sense of philanthropy with which Nick seems to run his business, which has now expanded to full-service event organizing and merchandise, the image of what a "saint" seems locked in on older religious and conservative figures. So we decided to sit down with the 29-year-old to discuss what a saint looks like to him?


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