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People Dior Gathers 200 Brilliant Young Women Globally

Dior Gathers 200 Brilliant Young Women Globally

Dior Gathers 200 Brilliant Young Women Globally
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
March 22, 2018
Women @ Dior event connects 200 brilliant women from all over the world with mentors for female empowerment


Last week, the House of Dior flew in 200 young women from all over the world to join a two-day summit centred on the topic of  feminine solidarity, how women of the world can and should extend a hand of help and support to each other. Not just random lottery winners for a huge Dior event, the 200 women  invited were made up of potential leaders of tomorrow—brilliant students in fashion, business and engineering schools throughout the globe.


The event linked these honoured guests with Dior mentors—Dior employees under 30 who were specifically chosen to share their wisdom, experiences and opinions on the matter, based on criteria of talent, ambition and generosity.  This year, the topics of exchange included Education, Elevation and Empowerment. Participants were also given the rare opportunities to train with Césars nominee and creator of Eloquentia competition, Stéphane de Freitas, in an expressive workshop, attend an interactive poetic conference with Vincent Avanzi and explore Dior's private vaults of creations and inspirations. 


Having hosted an edition of this event last year, this year's "Women @ Dior" also brought back a few of last year's pairings of mentors and "mentees". To distinguish this year's summit, however, Dior integrated the works of artist Anilore Banon, a NASA collaborator whose sculptural project "Vitae" symbolises humanity in a million hand prints. Dior chose the artist and her works to commemorate the occasion because the number eight (of 2018) resembles the infinity sign and is Christian Dior's lucky number. Hands are also a motif in the Women @ Dior concept. 

Believing in the power and brilliance of women, Christian Dior Couture—for which three out of four of its creative directors are women—is passionate about actively playing a role in bringing together talented young ladies from all over the world to exchange ideas and experience and lift each other up. Because, as Queen B sings, "Who run the world? Girls!"






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