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People Chotipong Leenutaphong Whips Up A Gen.T Cocktail

Chotipong Leenutaphong Whips Up A Gen.T Cocktail

Chotipong Leenutaphong Whips Up A Gen.T Cocktail
By Matt Wilde & Mika Apichatsakol
May 13, 2018
Thailand Tatler stops by Choti's famous bar, Vesper, for a customised cocktail

Watch Thailand Tatler's 2017 Generation T listee Chotipong Leenutaphong, or Choti for short, create a Generation T-inspired cocktail on the spot at his renowned bar, Vesper:

A luminary in the inaugural issue of our Generation T publication last year, genial Choti Leenutaphong learned the art of mixology at Shakers Bar Tending School in London; and while the padrone of Vesper and popular Italian-Mediterranean restaurants Il Fumo, La Dotta and Via Maris confesses to not having ‘shaken his thang’ in a while, he was more than happy to get back behind the bar to rustle up a special cocktail honouring Thailand Tatler's annual list of 50 young talents, entrepreneurs, creatives and big thinkers shaping the nation's future.

Called the ‘Generation T-Vesper’, the drink is heady blend of two-parts gin, one-part vodka and a liberal splash of amontillado sherry. Mixed over ice and served lemon-zested in a glass, the concoction certainly packs a punch. “To me, this is young, dynamic and powerful—a drink for those who know what they want and are going places. Just don’t drink too many at once!” laughs Choti.


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