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People A Chat With Cannes Chopard Trophée Winner Florence Pugh

A Chat With Cannes Chopard Trophée Winner Florence Pugh

A Chat With Cannes Chopard Trophée Winner Florence Pugh
By Charlene Co
May 29, 2019
The 23-year-old British actress tells us about role choice, acting and the latest things she's consumed

She’s played a wrestler, an emotionally starved wife and a spy, and up next, the nemesis to Scarlett Johansen’s Black Widow. Her achievements have certainly not gone unnoticed; on top of her British Film Independent Award, she has the Chopard Trophée to add to her mantel. Pugh talks about career choices, music and her dream role:

Is this your first Cannes Film Festival?

This is my first Cannes, it’s unbelievable. I’m having lots of ‘pinch me’ moments and I often find myself looking out to the sea and thinking, “Oh my goodness, I’m here!”

It’s obviously a massive privilege to be here, let alone being here–literally–glittering in jewels, which I’m trying my very best not to lose! I think there’s a secret person who is following me around all day and then, if I go missing, alarm bells will start ringing. I’m having an amazing time.

How do you feel about receiving the Chopard Trophée award?

It feels great. Crazy. It’s pretty wonderful. The nature of what we do is obviously to move and keep on moving. You don’t really have much time to pause and take it all in and the best thing about this is that it gives you a second to receive an award and realise that your work is being appreciated. People have been watching you and they’re patting you on the back.

Photo: @florencepugh/Instagram
Photo: @florencepugh/Instagram

You’ve taken up such varied roles—is this deliberate?

I think it’s part accidental, and also part whatever role is important for me to do. I have done a wrestling film and I was terrified when I signed on to do it. That’s another thing, if I get scared by something, I feel like I should do it.

What do you love about acting?

I love the people that I meet and the places that I go, and I love the anxiety and nervous energy that you live off of for two months. It all comes back to the creativity of the project and that’s probably one of the most exciting things.

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Can you share what’s next?

I’ve just started Marvel’s Black Widow. I’m very happy to be welcomed into the universe and to be working on this film with the women that are involved. I think it’s an exciting time, and the movie is very female-led which makes it quite special.

Photo: @florencepugh/Instagram
Photo: @florencepugh/Instagram

Name three songs on your Spotify playlist.

Immunity by Jon Hopkins. Southern Sun by Boy & Bear. Remember by Ólafur Arnalds.

What role would you love to play?

I really want to be in a western. I want to have grit in my teeth, grease in my hair, downy facial hair as well. Dust everywhere. I want to have a really old gun and do a suspenseful revenge story.

What's the last book you read?

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. It’s beautiful, it’s a rediscovered diary of a junior doctor and it is the most hilarious and saddest and most tiring book. It’s emotionally thrilling and heartbreaking, and he has a really good way with words.

Last movie you saw?

Antarctica, and Blindspotting, which I watched on the plane.

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