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People Behind The Scenes With Pranapda Phornprapha, Our Society 2020 Cover Star

Behind The Scenes With Pranapda Phornprapha, Our Society 2020 Cover Star

Behind The Scenes With Pranapda Phornprapha, Our Society 2020 Cover Star
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
February 13, 2020
A woman of many parts

For the cover shoot for this year’s edition of Society, we were welcomed to the beautiful home of Pranapda Phornprapha. Known as Pam to family and friends, she is a versatile entrepreneur with vast responsibilities, so it’s no wonder she couldn’t afford to spare us much more than a couple of hours for the interview and pictures. But then this is a lady who knows how to be organised. An old hand at multi-tasking she was quite happy to answer interview questions while undergoing the ministrations of our hair and make-up artists. 

The single mother talked enthusiastically about her life as one of Thailand’s leading fashion brand distributors, the experience of being a woman executive in the male-oriented world of the automobile industry and her involvement in the creation of Dragonfly360, a recently established platform that promotes gender equality across Asia. Given her background in interior design, it came as no surprise that the home of the Brown University and UCLA graduate had numerous attractive nooks and crannies to serve as backdrops for the shoot. Pam is also a natural in front of the camera and rocked fashionable garments by the likes of Missoni, Gucci, Chanel, Alice & Olivia and Asava, nailing each shot with ease before encouraging everyone to move swiftly on to the next.

The photoshoot also featured an exquisite selection of jewellery from Cartier’s Panther collection to complement our cover girl’s outfits. Her professionalism and friendliness made the morning pleasant for everyone involved and even though she had to rush off for a business meeting as the morning came to an end, she made sure all of us in the Society team was fed a nice home-cooked meal before we left.

Watch our behind-the-scene interview with Pranapda Phornprapha:


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  • Photography Chaiwat Kangsamrith
  • Styling Aruchan Phanpat
  • Make-Up Jiranat Tanpaisalkij
  • Hair Pichet Poobanthat
  • Outfit Gucci
  • Jewellery Cartier


People Video Pranapda Phornprapha Society 2020


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