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People Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Wonderfruit 2019

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Wonderfruit 2019

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Wonderfruit 2019
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
December 18, 2019
The Tatler crowd was spotted at the most anticipated festival of the year

1/10 @karnchatikavanij

We start our adventure with Karn Chatikavanij, who nailed it with every single outfit she wore at Wonderfruit. 

2/10 @km.chutima.angelica

Former Miss Thailand Universe, Chutima Angelica Durongdej, takes a break from dancing to strike a pose for the 'gram.

3/10 @shannonkalaya

One of the best things about Wonderfruit is that it's a family festival. Here is mummy Shannon Kalayanamitr and her girls. 

4/10 @cindysirinya

Cindy Sirinya Bishop also brought the whole fam to Wonderfruit. 

5/10 @kitb

Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul's festival fashion was on point as usual. Look at this matching tie-dye set, shades, eco-cup holder and face mask. 

6/10 @pinksutthinark

Pink Sutthinark's Indiana Jones-esque getup is also worth singling out. 

7/10 @kamonnart

Kamonnart Ong soaks up the peaceful mornings on the field. 

8/10 @laleewan

A cruelty-free rhino-ride? Only at Wonderfruit. 

9/10 @ning.nonthiwat

Spotted on the field too was eco-conscious partygoer Nonthiwat Prabhananda . 

10/10 @tanggguaaa

Jutawan Krairiksh does a face full of glitter, as is customary at Wonderfruit.

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