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People Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Halloween

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Halloween

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Halloween
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
November 04, 2019
What were Thailand Tatler's hi-so's up to this Halloween?

1/9 @plespencer

Last week's spooky celebration started with Jareyadee Spencer rising from the dead to cuddle her cute little witch, Jaya Spencer.

2/9 @Jayspencer

Meanwhile, hubby Jay Spencer embodied Gomez Addams, a mixture of ghoulishness and extraordinary style. 

3/9 @mr_danai

Friend of the pair, Danai Sorakraikitikul, joined the Addams family theme with great props. (We think he is channelling Gomez Addam's long-lost twin whom you've probably never heard of.) 

4/9 @lekyongsakul

Only Lek could manage to get all the Thailand Tatler cool kids together for this group photo straight out from the cemetery.


5/9 @vatanika

Who else can pull off this amazing Natalie Portman black swan impersonation than the one and only Vatanika.

6/9 @dianpannusa

Motif's Pannusa poses with queens of dress-up for a deadly group portrait fit for framing in the library. 

7/9 @panginaheels

Speechless. Generation T honouree Pangina Heels took trick-or-treating to a whole new level with this extravagant dark queen costume. This year, Pangina hosted her own party at Woobar, W Hotel Bangkok on Halloween night. 

8/9 @pamsuperrichth

Sittharmanin Susamawathanakun and the Super Rich team showed their fun side, dressed as classic spooks on Halloween while still ready to give you the best exchange rates in town!

9/9 @kongkaroon

Last but not least, Kong Karoon Sosothikul as One Piece's King of the Pirates met up with Rathfar Chaichueanjit, who was exquisitely dressed as Maleficient, for this movie cross-over capture. 

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