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People Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Father's Day

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Father's Day

Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Happy Father's Day
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
December 06, 2019
How did our favourite hiso's celebrate Father's Day? Find out!

1/8 @sonyasingha

Sonya Singha pays tribute to her all-time favourite man with this throwback of them and her sister Piriya.

2/8 @kunyarat_p

Kunyarat Pladisai shared this adorable selfie with her dad yesterday to wish him a happy Father's Day. 

3/8 @pausikanya

Traveling the world with dad might be one of the best gifts ever. Here Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh and her dad are visiting Japan. 

4/8 @plespencer

Jareyadee Spencer celebrates her father and grandfather to Jake with this charming photo of this trio.  

5/8 @pauliesirisant

Paulie Sirisant shared the loveliest album of his adventures with his son followed by a sweet caption dedicated to his wife Janesuda.

6/8 @namraiva

Nam and Name's father became a granddad this year with the birth of Name's daughter Reyn. 

7/8 @ningsaraichatt

Emcee Saraichatt Jirapaet shared an emotional colour-faded photo of her and her dad. 

8/8 @mookv

Nothing beats spending quality time with dad in nature like Mook Vinyaratn did. 

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