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People 10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Newlyweds, Newborns And More

10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Newlyweds, Newborns And More

10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Newlyweds, Newborns And More
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
September 06, 2019
We're starting September by sharing some of our favourite Insta-shots from Tatler hi-so's

1/10 @chrissyteigen

Spotted: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend enjoying some authentic Thai street food from Jay Fai in Bangkok. The family has been sharing their special moments whilst visiting the Land of Smiles where Chrissy and her family are from.

2/10 @pam_phorn

Siam Motors director and founder of Asia's first women empowerment summit Dragonfly, Pranapda Phornprapha celebrated the launch of this new event that will take place on November 2 at Centara Grand, Central World. She shared this picture thanking her team for all the support and hard work they've put on this project. 

3/10 @plespencer

The Spencer family welcomed their sweet little Jaya on August 22, and we are loving all the photos her proud parents have been sharing. Here's just one of the cute baby G (girl). 

4/10 @kunyarat_p

Let’s Rumba! You might remember Kunyarat from our December 2018 issue when she shared her exquisite taste for interior design and gave us a tour of her lovely residence. This time she’s impressing us with her dancing skills as she recently competed at the WDSF World Championship 2019, coming out as first runner up!

5/10 @jchirathivat

What's better than a camping weekend getaway with the kids? Jane Chirathivat and her family enjoyed good times outdoor in Khaoyai.

6/10 @pearypie

Amata Chittasenee, AKA Pearypie, shared a picture of her wearing a lovely suit made out of Thai fabric. An ambassador of Thai textiles, the social media mogul aims to revive interest in the tradition among a younger generation to showing them how Thai fabrics can be translated to contemporary style. Way to go! 

7/10 @ceehataipat

Cee Hataipat and Term Kamolvisit tied the knot this weekend, celebrating a beautiful wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. Congratulations to the couple! 

8/10 @dizzydiz

Disaya and Danai Sorakraikitikul welcomed their new son a few weeks ago. Mummy shared this cute pic of him on her Instagram account recent. How precious is he?! 

9/10 @powtimo

Japan is always a good idea. Pow Foongfaungchaveng shared beautiful pictures staring himself and the majestic view of Mount Fuji. We're absolutely jealous of his start to September. 

10/10 @fayonchuma

Fay Onchuma looking beautiful and chic with her new ible Airvida wearable purifier, a device that creates millions of negative ions to combat PM2.5, pollen and smoke in real time. 

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