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People The Best Tatlergrams Of The 2019 Thailand Tatler Ball

The Best Tatlergrams Of The 2019 Thailand Tatler Ball

The Best Tatlergrams Of The 2019 Thailand Tatler Ball
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
September 26, 2019
Our glam rock themed 28th anniversary ball, as told through the Instagrams of our extraordinary guests

1/10 @thailandtatler

We caught this snap while getting to the ball ourselves. You never know when a bad traffic jam is going to hit in Bangkok, so always be ready to hail a motorcycle to get to the Tatler Ball. 

2/10 @ningsaraichatt

Our emcee of the night, Ning, came prepared for the ball with plenty of sparkles and glamour. She also rehearsed to the beat of Queen songs before the guests started arriving. 

3/10 @waan.pithansombat

Waan Pithansombat Booth and Kim Visudharomn look like a fabulous glam rock duo, posing in front of the backdrop like pros for the cameras. 

4/10 @mintnishnish

Nishsha Boonyagorn interpreted her glam rock look in Balenciaga, Gucci and Dior. 

5/10 @drked_kediglow

After the cocktails and bites at reception, it's time to capture the sparkling set up inside the ballroom, including the delicious and creative Queen-themed menu prepared by The Grand Hyatt Erawan

6/10 @kunakhom

Then our chairman Nigel Oakins surprised and welcomed our guests in a total look that convinced us all that he's an actual rockstar. 


7/10 @nucha_r

Guests at our ball couldn't stop gathering their friends for epic group photos like this one. 

8/10 @pausikanya

Of course, this was the table you wanted to be seated at for dinner. 

9/10 @mr_danai

... amongst the alum of Thailand Tatler's Most Stylish Men. 

10/10 @vatanika

Last but not least, on our 28th anniversary, Vatanika taught us how to go the extra-ordinary mile of having a mini photo shoot with your best mate in your matching outfits before attending the ball. 

We can't wait to see you all again in 2020 to celebrate with yet another extraordinary party. Also, if you're still not following us on Instagram, you're missing out on a lot. 

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