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People Behind The Scenes With Haute Couture Lover Tanyaluck Prommanee

Behind The Scenes With Haute Couture Lover Tanyaluck Prommanee

Behind The Scenes With Haute Couture Lover Tanyaluck Prommanee
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
February 03, 2020
She's out to make her mark in fashion and society

For this month’s cover shoot we decamp to one of Bangkok’s most prestigious residential properties, 98 Wireless by Sansiri. As our team arrives on scene our cover girl, Tanyaluck Prommanee, greets everyone enthusiastically—her early arrival and friendly welcome displaying an eagerness to get started with the day.

Being the fashionista that she is, it comes as no surprise that she has prepared an exquisite assortment of outfits from her extensive wardrobe, which boasts the finest of haute couture labels. From fashion houses such as Balmain, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Saint Laurent, Tanyaluck rocks each outfit with ease and confidence. For one of the shots she showcases a beautiful dress made of Thai silk, a material she is keen to champion both at home and overseas. 

A fine example of world-class design that embodies luxury, 98 Wireless offers several beautiful backdrops for the photoshoot and as we move from the well-appointed entrance to the lush garden and the property’s palatial staircase, Tanyaluck, who is no stranger to the luxe lifestyle, seems to fit right in, not minding the sometimes tedious process of setting up a particular shot. Hence the day goes smoothly and wraps with a quick conversation where we learn more about her glamorous lifestyle and her passion for fashion.

Watch Tanyaluk's behind-the-scenes interview below: 


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  • Photography Chaiwat Kangsamrith (Cover)
  • Make-Up Jiranat Tangpaisalkij
  • Hair Pichet Poobanthat
  • Styling Aruchan Phanpat
  • Outfit Saint Laurent
  • Videography Nopparut Charoenwattana
  • Photography Mika Apichatsakol (Behind The Scenes)


People Behind The Scenes video Tanyaluck Prommanee


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