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People BASIS International School Bangkok Set To Open In 2019

BASIS International School Bangkok Set To Open In 2019

BASIS International School Bangkok Set To Open In 2019
By Mary Losmithgul
March 27, 2018
America’s most successful schooling program comes to Thailand

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Parents looking to give their children a world-class education in a globally-connected environment can stay tuned for an unrivaled addition to Bangkok’s booming international school scene.  Real estate developer R2D1 Limited has partnered with BASIS International Education Holdings—considered the top school network in the United States—to bring America’s best academic program to Thailand.10 Connection Building - Connection Classroom.jpgOpening doors in August 2019, Bangkok’s first BASIS International School is set to be a purpose-built campus along Rama II Road, promising a transformative academic program running from Pre-K to Year 12 that aims to prepare the new generation for unique challenges of the tech-dominated 21st century. Following a top-notch curriculum that is smoothly connected from pre-school start to final year finish, BASIS International School’s academia is designed so that students are aptly challenged in all disciplines at every grade level.

14 Admin Building - Black Box.jpgStudents can expect a well-rounded curriculum that is rigorously up to par with worldwide standards. In addition to offering a full range of subject courses, from mathematics and science to humanities, languages, interdisciplinary studies, arts and physical education, the curriculum also recognises that children of today need much more than traditional education to keep up with fundamental changes in lifestyle and careers.

Elizabeth Thies, the head of Basis International School, explains that the institution aims to make of its students “participants, not spectators, in the 21st century world of commerce and innovation.”

11 Connection Building - Work Shop.jpgBut how exactly though does BASIS prove the efficacy of its curriculum? The network of schools constantly outperforms competitors across the globe. Twenty-eight per cent of BASIS diploma graduates in 2017 got accepted to one of the top 25 universities in the world. Official rankings also show that BASIS students typically excel in college entrance exams, with the average graduate scoring 1,395 out of the total SAT score of 1,600 last year.

Ideal for parents looking to give their children a strong foundation for continuing to pursue their future education abroad, BASIS International School Bangkok has a further advantage of an education model that marries the ideals of local Thai culture directly with a world-class curriculum, giving students the best of both worlds.

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For more information, visit their official website


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