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People A View To Value: Nirvana Daii CEO Sornsak Somwattana On The New Banyan Tree Residences

A View To Value: Nirvana Daii CEO Sornsak Somwattana On The New Banyan Tree Residences

A View To Value: Nirvana Daii CEO Sornsak Somwattana On The New Banyan Tree Residences
By Thailand Tatler
September 18, 2019
In Partnership With Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok
Nirvana Daii and Banyan Tree collaborate to create the ultra-luxury Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok in a splendid location on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in a historic part of the city

As Sornsak Somwattana, CEO of Nirvana Daii Plc explains, “The neighbourhood is steeped in heritage and wonderfully located between the central business district and Chinatown. From the condominium, there are breathtaking vistas of the city such as sunset on the Temple of Dawn. The unobstructed view is truly unique and all of the units face the river. A panoramic scene of the old town area spans to the left side while the skyscrapers of the city lie to the right. This view is simply priceless.”

Sornsak Somwattana
Sornsak Somwattana

The CEO adds that the partnership between Nirvana Daii and Banyan Tree aims to create a truly distinguished experience for residents. “The project was built from scratch and we knew we needed a partner that would take it to new heights. This is why we decided to approach Banyan Tree. The company has branded residences in many major cities around the world including Melbourne and Dubai and so it has unmatched experience. We chose Banyan Tree because we are confident in its abilities to make the most of this ultra-luxury branded residence, imbuing it with an essence of laidback relaxation that suits the breezy riverfront location. Our ideal is to sell relaxed glamour, not flashy or brash metropolitan glitz.”

To reiterate its ultra-luxury position, Banyan Tree Residences Riverside is the only property in Thailand that was approached by Richmont’s Christie’s. “With its high-end clientele base, client satisfaction is a priority and our property happens to match Richmont’s Christie’s positioning as an ultra-luxury bidder. This is no easy feat because the project had to be approved by Christie’s worldwide. This is solid proof that our development has successfully met the stringent criteria required for an international high-end residence,” says the executive.

Christie’s also became involved in the grand opening event under the concept Top Collection. “We collaborated with Christie’s and other A-list brands to oversee the completion of the project and its subsequent opening event. Top Collection referred to the value of our project as a rare property not to be missed by the ultra-luxury market segment. Christie’s flew in selections of its unique bags from abroad to be displayed at the penthouse. Breguet watches were displayed on the 28th floor overlooking the glittering expanse of the river. Everything on the show was designed to appeal to the ultra-luxury buyer. The stage was set to give them a clear idea of the philosophy we have for Banyan Tree Residences Riverside.”

When asked about the significance of Banyan Tree Residences Riverside as an investment, Somsak says that branded residences solved many of the problems seen in traditional projects. “When people invest, they want security and a guarantee of profit. In the case of conventional residences, the dilapidation of the property might cause prices to drop. However, branded residences guarantee that this won’t happen. Branded residences do sell for a much higher price than non-branded properties, as is borne out around the world. In Thailand, branded residences with exclusive tenancies are a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, investing in an ultra-luxury property like Banyan Tree Residences Riverside is like buying a flawless diamond of great value. Its price will never depreciate but instead will appreciate over time.”

For more information, visit or call 1787 to arrange a private viewing.

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