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People Asia's Most Stylish: Lucy Torres-Gomez

Asia's Most Stylish: Lucy Torres-Gomez

Asia's Most Stylish: Lucy Torres-Gomez
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 07, 2019
Representing the Philippines, Lucy is a former model and television actress turned politician


There’s high-achieving and then there’s Lucy Torres-Gomez. Once a commercial model and a television personality, Lucy shifted gears to a frontline career in politics. Today, she is working as a representative for the fourth district of the province of Leyte, her advocacies geared towards sustainable tourism, infrastructure development and energising communities to become self-sustainable through a variety of programmes.

“It was a big shift from showbiz to public service,” she says. “There are bad parts of it, yes. But they’re not as bad as the downside of showbiz, and the flip side is wonderful. You can lead a very purposeful life if you use your network properly. In the end, I’m all about legacy. If I were to define my life as a public servant, I would say that I’m driven by the desire to leave behind something better than what I found.”

Lucy is also making her mark as a private citizen with her latest community project, Truest Society. Here, she designs and markets products such as soaps and candles with three other mothers, and the profits are dedicated to empowering communities in Leyte.

She has been married to actor Richard Gomez for 20 years and they have a teenage daughter, Juliana. “I’d loved him since I was 12, long before I ever met him,” she says. “We started dating in August one year and were engaged by December—when you know, you know.”

What about her style inspiration? “I like neutral colours, feminine accents, but nothing too frou-frou. I think dressing up is one of those things that you don’t want to worry about. Fashion tip? Quality over quantity — have a closet with clothes that flatter and fit, not one filled with items you cannot really wear. Invest in good shoes; look for chic flats such as the reissued Creations line by Ferragamo in the Audrey style. For brands, I like Oscar de la Renta, Dior and Carolina Herrera. I also love the impeccable work of the late great Filipino designer Joe Salazar.”

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