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People Asia's Most Stylish: Fanny Tsai

Asia's Most Stylish: Fanny Tsai

Asia's Most Stylish: Fanny Tsai
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 07, 2019
Meet Taiwan's very own Sheryl Sandberg


Fanny Tsai is the Sheryl Sandberg of Taiwan, a tech genius who, like her Californian counterpart, wants women to have it all. A working mother with two businesses and a glossy social life, Fanny is someone who is used to getting what she wants. As well as her social-media company, she channels her creativity into jewellery brand Weng Collection — all while being one of the best-dressed women in Taiwan. 

“It’s all about the glasses, earrings and scarves,” she says. “I always have a scarf in my bag. They’re like a security blanket and if I need to change outfits, they’re very useful. Then I’ve got the sunglasses to cover my face if I’m tired, and I think the earrings remind me I’m in fashion. Wearing earrings always makes me feel like I’m dressed up and ready to go.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Fanny’s red-hot CV is anywhere near complete, though. Next up she is planning to pass the bar and become a qualified lawyer while giving her jewellery brand a global footprint. 

“I would say my biggest achievement is getting my jewellery patent into 31 countries. But we’re still a very young company and there’s a lot we can achieve. I’m very goal-oriented, but we are always ahead of the plan. I’m proud of that.”

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