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People Asia's Most Stylish: Airyn Tanu

Asia's Most Stylish: Airyn Tanu

Asia's Most Stylish: Airyn Tanu
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 07, 2019
Indonesia's most stylish woman is the founder of a well known diamond jewellery brand.


Marilyn Monroe sang it, but Airyn Tanu brought to life the idea that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Airyn’s prodigious jewellery career began when she started selling handmade necklaces and earrings in Perth, where her love for diamonds grew daily during four years of university under the hot Australian sun. 

The diamond-focused jewellery brand she later founded, Passion Jewelry, now has nine boutiques around her native Indonesia. “Getting here wasn’t easy,” says Airyn, the brand’s COO. “I’d tell young brands that, first of all, you have to be very creative and not just follow others. Also, persistence — we work very hard but it pays off. I will also always ensure our pieces are unique because jewellery is like art; it needs to say something individual.

”Given Airyn’s love of jewellery, it’s no surprise that her clothes are notable for clean lines and a simple colour palette that allow her gems to dazzle. “I think elegance is about balance. If you have simple earrings, you can wear a big necklace. But if you have big earrings, that’s all you need. And if you wear a glam dress with crystals on it, you just wear maybe a ring. Less is always more.”

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