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People Vivier's Ladies Share The Source of Their Drive For Power And Success

Vivier's Ladies Share The Source of Their Drive For Power And Success

Vivier's Ladies Share The Source of Their Drive For Power And Success
By Thailand Tatler
June 15, 2020
From heiress to the Kingdom's top conglomerate to self-made magnates, these powerful women share their secrets of empowerment

In the digital world where societal changes can be more abrupt than ever, it is crucial to combat whatever comes up while still moving forward with strong steady steps. To do so, impetus and a poised strategy are indispensable. Nine Thai women, each successful in their fields, share with us the factors that have steered them throughout their careers and which will take them into the future. 

1/9 April Srivikorn, Country Manager of Google Cloud, Thailand

Thinking small can be restricting; don't put unnecessary constraints around you.

Thinking small is the nemesis to success puts April Srivikorn, the country manager of Google Cloud. April pledges to contribute back in her line of work to help Thai businesses, big and small, move into digitisation. Visualisation of the goal, for her, is the secret to freeing up one's creativity.


2/9 Ausana Mahagitsiri, COO of PM Group Company Limited

Flexibility and readiness for change are the two keywords in living and also in business.

Despite having large shoes to fill, Ausana Mahagitsiri excels in her position as chief operating officer in her family-owned PM Group. The heiress believes 'flexibility and readiness for change' are the two keywords in living and also in business. She takes every step with confidence but also believes that one can never be too cautious.



3/9 Harisadhi Leelayuwapan, Founder of PHTAA

I have to cater to the customer while maintaining my own distinct style.

As an interior designer, Harisadhi Leelayuwapan has to cater to her customer while maintaining her own distinct style. The founder of PHTAA Living Design is fueled by all the things around her and believes that compromise is the key to success. Since it is impossible to work alone, she compares teamwork to 'a game of ping-pong with ideas being shaped to compromise between me, my staff and, of course, the clients.'




4/9 Naruechon Dhumrongpiyawut, Assistant Managing Director at Gunkul Engineering

Seeing people grow together with the company gives me the drive to do what I do.

'I’ve always felt that the team in my company is like a family,' says Naruechon Dhumrongpiyawut, assistant managing director of Gunkul Engineering. Success for her is not about how high she can fly but whether her wings are wide enough to care for everyone under her. Stepping into her father's company, for Naruechon, leadership is not about being the best but being able to utilise those with greater skills and to convince them to listen.


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5/9 Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Marketing Officer of Finn Mobile

It takes bravery and self-respect to say no.

As a woman in a male-dominated sphere, Pavarisa Chumvigrant finds her empowerment in multiple things. "I am especially driven by challenges and being a woman in the tech field where proving my own capability is very important." Another source of empowerment for the chief marketing officer at Finn Mobile is the ability to say no. In moments of disagreement or inherent discomfort, it takes bravery and self-respect to say no.


6/9 Sajika Thongsuk, Founder of BFF BKK & Penthouse

Adaptability is the key. It is important to think and act fast in the environment where changes are swifter than ever.

The founder of BFF BKK and Penthouse takes from Charles Darwin in her philosophy to success. Sajika Thongsuk values adaptability in both her personal and professional life. "The faster one can adapt, the higher the survival rate," she explains. For Sajika, the mindset of not giving up is essential, especially with all the challenges the modern world faces, be it the virus or economic recession.



7/9 Sureerat Leeswadtrakul, Executive Vice President, Innovation Business at Millcon Steel PCL

We need to be in the current with what’s going on around the world.

The key to succeeding in the digital era for Sureerat Leeswadtrakul is to move fast. The executive vice president of innovation business at Millcon Steel sees the importance of synthesising between where the world is and what our listeners want. Merely moving fast without communicating the right messages to the right audiences will simply be useless.


8/9 Thitiya Nithipiyigan, Deputy Managing Director of Thai Fishsauce

A precise, clear goal in mind is what drives me.

"What empowers me most is knowing and accepting myself as I am," says Thitiya Nithipiyigan. It's the deputy managing director of Thai Fishsauce's firm belief that knowing yourself gives you the agency to step forward and choose freely as you really wish to. Together with confidence, this businesswoman steps forward into the future.



9/9 Tipa Nawawattanasub, CEO and MDS of YLG Bullion International

It is important to have that drive of enjoying what we do.

For Tipa Nawawattanasub, the power of thinking pervades our everyday life. Thinking and acting better motivates the CEO and MDS of YLG Bullion International. "I love witnessing accomplishments and learning along the way. It is important to have that drive of enjoying what we do," she adds.


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