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People 20 Stylish Thai Men To Follow On Instagram

20 Stylish Thai Men To Follow On Instagram

20 Stylish Thai Men To Follow On Instagram
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
May 21, 2020
Fashion does not have to be boring for men. While tradition and societal norms can hinder guys from self-expression, we're here to prove that nothing should deprive men of the fun they deserve. Our costumes are another way we speak, and we should be free to be as fashionable as our hearts desire. Here are 20 Thai men with incredible wardrobes and creativity to inspire you:

1/20 Nopadon Baholyodhin

The chief creative officer of Sansiri lives his high-life always fashionably. Keep watch on his opulent taste and activities.

2/20 Lapas Mekraksavanich

Tong is the co-founder of Bangkok's Florentine tailor, The Somchai, located in Thonglor Soi 11. Judging from his refined gentlemanly aesthetics, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a suit or two done from him.

3/20 Tanin Sritawatpongsa

Nin is always on point with his ensembles, and you can learn from him via his YouTube channel.

4/20 ML Korkrita Kritakara

Spinning records in Tomford, Gucci and everything else, ML Korkrita Kritakara is definitely one of the most well-dressed DJs out there.

5/20 Grit Jirakiertivadhana

No such thing as a bad hair day when you own the Hive Salon. Gong also rocks all his attires so effortlessly.

6/20 Jay Spencer

Like father, like son. Dad Jay rocks a suave grey suit with fuschia accent, while son Jakey looks equally dapper in a white suit and matching bow-tie.

7/20 Orand Puipunthavong

He's the fashion mogul, so follow him to get a glimpse of his world and style. 

8/20 Kongpat Sakdapitak

Ong, the fashionista artist—there is nothing minimal about his style, and that's exactly why we love him.

9/20 Naphat Sutithon

Better known as Pat Sutithon, he's the man with the eye. A veteran in the fashion scene, he currently identifies as a freelance creative director, stylist and the artistic director for the luxury brand BOYY. Follow him and drown in sophistication.

10/20 Polpat Asavaprapa

Moo ASAVA casually chills at home in a tuxedo.

11/20 Teeradon Supapunpinyo

This kid defies traditions with his style. With a rebellious air, he blends high brands seamlessly with street aesthetics.

12/20 Kanachai Bencharongkul

Kit and his friends are a stylish crew you should keep up with. A fashion photographer would know something about taste, no?

13/20 Varit Hongsananda

It's always refreshing scrolling through Pao's stylish feed. You might say a handsome lad such as him would look good in anything, but believe us, this one does have both taste and courage to express himself fashionably.

14/20 Verawat Chinpilas

Get your fashion inspo from the director and buyer of B-STORE. He knows stuff.

15/20 Winchana Prucksananont

Enjoy Win's island life with his well-curated feed. Warning: his laid-back, youthful yet classy taste is quite addictive.

16/20 Barom Bhicharnchitr

Educated in the States, Tay Barom is the head of Central Embassy and has amassed himself quite a number of secret admirers with his mysterious air and eccentric sense of style.

17/20 Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng

Also known as Pow Timo, the latter part referring to his swimming trunk brand, he will keep you entertained with his feed.

18/20 Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram

Fanatics will scream their lungs out regardless of what JJ, AKA Jayler, appears in but to be honest, his style is worth the follow. 

19/20 Nuttakit Taengthai

Fitness influencer Dust's costumes are basic, yet smart enough for any occasions. And it certainly helps to be in shape. You can take his fitness tutorials at his YouTube channel.  

20/20 Kittinant Wongwasin

What we all can learn from Kit is that men too can have fun with colours and fashion. Study how he uses bright accents to complete his looks.

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