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People 10 Signs You're A Crazy Rich Asian

10 Signs You're A Crazy Rich Asian

10 Signs You're A Crazy Rich Asian
By Thailand Tatler
August 20, 2018
Our definitive list of what really makes a crazy rich Asian

The air is thick—not just with Bangkok's unbearable humidity—but with anticipation for the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians. The much awaited rom-com will be the first major Hollywood film to feature an all-Asian cast since the release of The Joy Luck Club in 1993, marking a significant turning point in the entertainment industry. Inspired by all the hype surrounding the movie, we've gathered a list of definitive tell-tale signs that you're a 'Crazy Rich Asian' (Thai edition): 

Your family owns half of Bangkok

There really is no money like old money, honey. If your family was instrumental in building Bangkok or your grandfather is a shipping or property tycoon, then congratulations, you are a bonafide crazy rich Asian. You might even have a street/district named after your family. Bonus points if your family regularly appears in Forbes.

You’re one of the city’s most eligible—or wanted

Royals, scions, culture vultures, financiers, tastemakers, property magnates—if you've made a name for yourself in the city's social circuit as a prominent young man or woman, chances are any tiger mom would be glad to welcome you into their family.

You went to a prestigious international school—and boarding school

Image: Courtesy of
Image: Courtesy of

Perhaps you didn't realise it while you were playing dodgeball, but your breeding to enter the league of crazy rich Asians started much earlier than you think. Bangkok's elite international schools—and the world's top boarding schools—are where you made not just lifelong friends, but invaluable connections as well.

You're a member of an elite private member's club—or two 

Image: Courtesy of
Image: Courtesy of

You're not really one of the "who's who" in Bangkok unless you're a member of a private club. Members aren't fooling anyone if they say they're paying millions per year for access to a swimming pool and the occasional club sandwich—these ultra-exclusive institutions are the ultimate status symbol and the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with the city's key players. 

Your wedding made international headlines

Image: Courtesy of IG @natvach
Image: Courtesy of IG @natvach

When it comes to weddings, it's go big or go home. We're talking about custom couture gowns, taking over islands and having guestlists of over 1,000 international VIPs—after all, having a no-expense-spared approach to your big day is the crazy rich Asian way. 

You own multiple Ferraris/Maseratis/Rolls-Royces

Forget collecting stamps or matchboxes. If you've got the funds, why not flaunt it on an entire fleet of supercars? Of course, you also have access to all exclusive VIP parking areas in the city—Bangkok's traffic or rush-hour at Central Embassy means nothing to a crazy rich Asian.

Your pet only wears designer

Image: Courtesy of IG @pau_sikanya
Image: Courtesy of IG @pau_sikanya

When it comes to the pets of crazy rich Asians, only the finest will do. Hermès scarves for bandanas, personalised Louis Vuitton carriers, diamond encrusted leashes and even posturepedic beds (we're serious) are just some of the luxuries enjoyed by these fancy four-legged friends. 

Your trips are epic

Image: Courtesy of IG @kitb
Image: Courtesy of IG @kitb

Sure, a quick trip to Korea or Tokyo is always fun—but when the world is literally your playground, the possibilites are endless. You can chase the northern lights in Iceland via private jet, tag rhinos while glamping in South Africa, or simply enjoy long lazy days at some of the world's most luxurious villas. Wherever or whatever it is, crazy rich Asians always make sure to travel in style. 

Your wardrobe is bigger than most Bangkok apartments

Perhaps you've got the most impressive collection of Birkins in town, an affinity for Chanel jackets(who doesn't?) or more shoes than all of the Kardashian-Jenners combined, but one thing is for sure—you don't compromise when it comes to wardrobe space.

You attend more charity galas than you can count

The St Regis Bangkok Charity Gala & Auction 2018
The St Regis Bangkok Charity Gala & Auction 2018

There are many perks to being a crazy rich Asian, but the best one—and the most rewarding—is being able to give back to the community and to causes we care about, whether it's providing education to children in need with the First Initiative Foundation, raising funds for Hong Kong Adventist Hospital’s Cancer Fund with Women of Hope or working towards a more sustainable future.

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