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People 10 Canine Influencers To Follow On Instagram

10 Canine Influencers To Follow On Instagram

10 Canine Influencers To Follow On Instagram
Photo: greysibe/Instagram
By Chananya De Ruiter
March 26, 2021
Get your fluff fix with these adorable dog accounts

Believe it or not, Instagram offers an endless supply of canine cuteness. Just as social media influencers have found their niche in fashion and travel, pet influencers have become popular as well. From adorable to hilarious, there are so many worthwhile dog accounts out there and here are our picks of 10 accounts to hit follow on:

1/10 Bodhi The Menswear Dog

Known as the most stylish dog in the world with nearly 400k followers, Bodhi is a fashionable shiba inu who has appeared in campaigns for the most sophisticated menswear fashion brands, including Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman and Brooks Brothers. A fashion icon, every single post masters the fine line between dapper and adorable. From jean jackets to Aloha shirts, Bodhi models it all!

2/10 Marutaro The Shiba Inu

Originally from Tokyo, Shinjiro Ono began posting photos of Marutaro on his Instagram to cheer people up after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011. 10 years onward, the shiba inu’s fluffiness and smiling face has made him a virtual celebrity with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

3/10 Maya The Mini Dachshund

This light brown, long-haired mini dachshund is often seen photographed with flowers, mermaid outfits, Christmas apparel and her big bro, Winston. Would you just look at Maya and her mermaid tail?

4/10 Milk The Samoyed

From Toronto hails this white fluffy ball of cuteness, Milk. With just a single photo, Milk will steal your heart away with her pure, almond eyes. Accompanied by her buddy Mocha, a Pomeranian, she isn’t only popular on Instagram but has fans on Youtube as well.

5/10 Tucker The Golden Retriever

An account filled with more videos than photos, Tucker resides in Michigan and has almost 3 million followers on Instagram, 2 million on Youtube and 1.8 million on Facebook. He even has his own merch—can a dog even be that popular? 

6/10 Secret The Australian Shepherd

Secret, an Australian Shepherd, has been learning tricks and chasing balls since 2014. Secret is regularly on-the-go with her owner, Mary, doing a bunch of fun activities together. 

7/10 Aspen The Mountain Pup

A golden retriever in love with the open road, Aspen lives to go on adventures with his family. Scroll through the account to see Aspen basking in that California sunshine!

8/10 Jackson The Dalmatian

A self-confessed lover of blueberries and bow ties, Jackson spends his days with his three doggie brothers: Health, Bennett and Timmy. If you’re looking for a truly dapper dog, look no further than Jackson the Dalmatian.

9/10 Gala The Husky

Living la vida loca, Gala and her owner, Eva, live the crazy life together in the Basque Country, as stated in the charming Husky’s bio. It's obvious that the husky loves posing in front of the camera. Her unique, perfect rings around her eyes and fluffiness steals the show every time. 

10/10 Kiba & Kona The Father & Daughter Labs

Double trouble! Father-daughter duo Kiba and Kona are always together, and it's so heartwarming. Follow their lifelong adventures and unconditional love for each other for a daily dose of good feels.

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