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PeopleBest Tatlergrams Of The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018

Best Tatlergrams Of The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018

Best Tatlergrams Of The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018
By Mari Carmen Dávila & Mika Apichatsakol
October 09, 2018
Our magical Cuban themed 27th anniversary ball, as told through the wonderful Instagrams of wonderful guests

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As you know, the much awaited annual Thailand Tatler Ball took place on September 27 at the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel with a spectacular “Havana Nights” theme. As one would expect of Thailand Tatler party regulars, our guests attended in full fiesta costumes, prepared to mambo and mingle and have a jolly good time. We look back at our recent ball, this time through the social media of those for whom we hosted it. For more Tatlergrams of the Thailand Tatler Ball 2018, you can check out the hashtags #THTatlerBall2018 and #ThailandTatlerBall2018 on Instagram. 

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If you want to know who the "cool kids" of the Thailand Tatler Ball is, just check Ple Spencer's IG and you'll see. Also that second  picture with hubby Jay in this carousel post will either make you swoon with #couplegoals, or just make you envious. 

The queen of pulling out eye-catching looks at any party, Nanthavan Sangthamkitgul or Nare came to our Havana Nights-themed ball in a memorably funky green off-shoulder dress barring a large character print that looks very much like herself. Spotting the equally well-dressed  Phimmshin Phakkapakchon, she couldn't help but snap this 'gram, complete with real pineapples as props—on point!

Thank goodness we had Pow at our party to patrol the doors and stop those who would SURELY crash the ball. (We're looking at you specifically, Naphalai!) 

Already a show-stopper themselves, Peepy and Mother Lee up the ante of their party presence by snagging other best dressers for one epic photo you need at least a minute to take in. 

Everyone was talking about Pau's amazing outfit that night, but we say she and Golf must be discussed together. Just look at this pure schoolyard-romance cuteness of a moment with the delightful palette of black and white houndstooth and yellow they brought to the ballroom. We can't get enough of it. 

After arriving at the party and eyeing all the guests in full fiesta, Kim Visudharomn felt like she needed to add to her Havana outfit, borrowing one of  our fruit basket centrepieces for her headdress. 

Every picture from Kim Tiplada that night screams Havana! We need to take down some tips on how to live in the moment to the fullest and also capture them creatively for the sake of our Insta-followers. 

For those who weren't there, Sorat Amatayakul  and Suriyon Sriorathaikul were champions of the Havana Nights dance floor!

Like everyone else, we're suckers for adorable couple photos and Puwanart and Alisa Kunpalin were simply inseparable at our ball. AWW.

Wow! Chanadda Chirathivat was a vision of tropical beauty at our ball. We are so #blessed. 

Camila Cabello's got nothing on Niki Panidhi Snidvongs na Ayudhya, and Niki knows it!

There is no such thing as too much green when a tropical Latin party hits the city and as always, Vasu Sakulanunt turns up at a party ready to attact the eyes and lenses. And Vasu, if you love our theme this year, next year's will only be bigger and better!

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