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Homes You Can Now Be One In A Billion To Own This Edelweiss Piano

You Can Now Be One In A Billion To Own This Edelweiss Piano

You Can Now Be One In A Billion To Own This Edelweiss Piano
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 09, 2018
The Edelweiss Le Silex will become one of the world's rarest and most opulent pianos


Photo: Courtesy of Edelweiss

Edelweiss, a Cambridge family that has been hand-crafting beautiful pianos for over four decades, has just sold a hand-sculpted piano for GBP275,000.  The Le Silex piano, which looks more like an art piece than a musical instrument, is inspired by the beauty of flint, with a deconstructed art form that looks as if survived from a lightning strike and moulded by nature over time. Only seven Le Silex pianos will ever be produced—each taking six months to make by a team of fifteen designers and artisans, casting from a meticulously hand-sculpted, life-sized clay render.


Photo: Courtesy of Edelweiss

To make each design truly unique, customers can create a bespoke piano by merging their own tastes in design, art, sculpture and music into one musical masterpiece—from choosing the exact undulation and weathering of the liquid metal to the hand-painted texture and tactile finish of glossy flint or gleaming copper. The latest addition has three customisable finishes: black diamond, flint and verdigris.

"We were inspired by the primaeval magic and texture of flint, particularly the stunning contrast between grainy, opaque quartz and the dark, mysterious interior. This led to us exploring other natural materials such as carbon, precious metals and alloys. In fact, almost any finish is possible,” said Mark Norman from Edelweiss. 


Photo: Courtesy of Edelweiss


Photo: Courtesy of Edelweiss

An Edelweiss piano doesn't only look good, it sounds good, too. It can instantly transform your surroundings with mesmerising sounds of live piano with its self-playing feature—a built-in iPod pre-programmed with 400 songs and an invisible bank of precision electronic solenoids, the Le Silex piano fuses music and technology in an extraordinary work of art.

 Will you be one in a billion people to own the Le Silex?  For more information, visit

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