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TravelWorld’s Best Hotel Is In Mexico

World’s Best Hotel Is In Mexico

World’s Best Hotel Is In Mexico
By Mari Carmen Dávila
September 19, 2018
Chable Wellness Resort & Destination Spa is a place where you can submerge yourself in an enchanting private jungle


Chable Wellness Resort & Destination Spa 

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Photo: Courtesy of Chable Wellness Resort 

Did you know that one of the best hotels in the world is in Mexico? We are talking about the Chable Wellness Resort & Destination Spa, Prix Versailles' 2017 prize winner, located in Chochola, Yucatan. The property has 38 suites in the middle of the jungle, built with a mix between Mayan culture and Colonial architecture.


Balance, Inspiration and Flow 

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Photo: Courtesy of Chable Wellness Resort 

What's unique about this resort is that it has its own prive cenote—or natural pit—which Chable has designed an amazing spa journey around based on traditional ritual elements like balance, inspiration and flow. Chable's cuisine is also one of the best in the region, sourcing seasonal ingredients from surrounding traditional Mayan gardens.  A great souvenir to take back from this place is the Yucatan honey and home made jams, claimed to be like none other.


Days full of activities 

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Photo: Courtesy of Chable Wellness Resort 

Many activities are offered within the premises, including indoor or outdoor fitness activities as well as an  irresistible tequila and chocolate experience. Chable also lets guests experience the traditional temazcal ceremony as a special form of wellness involving pre-Hispanic type of sweat lodge.


Visit "Yucatán"

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 Photo: Courtesy of Chable Wellness Resort 

If you're planning a trip to Central America with an agenda of absolute relaxation and therapy, Chable Wellness Resort is definitely the place to book. Visit to learn more. 


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