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Toys Why 5G Is About To Disappoint You

Why 5G Is About To Disappoint You

Why 5G Is About To Disappoint You
By Chananya De Ruiter
November 30, 2020
Operators worldwide are working hard to provide quality access for the new fifth-generation standard for cellular networking, but so far it isn’t as great as people expected

Record Speeds Are Slow To Arrive

Desires for 5G were sky-high, but the first people who had access to the service are a little disappointed. People living in majors cities in China, South Korea and the US enjoyed optimal connections for a moment while others had to make do with a pared-down version of 5G, which could be compared to an enhanced 4G service. In the US, Verizon has deployed several types of bandwidth. The highest performance 5G ultra-wideband service is currently only available in 50 cities and seven airports. The 5G "DSS" service, offering reduced performances, already offers coverage to more than half of the population. Deploying adequate infrastructure to bring the full benefits of 5G to everyone is likely to take several years.



A Solution In The Sky?

Drones could be a solution in bringing coverage to large zones. Pursued by Cambridge Consultants and Stratospheric Platform in the UK, drones powered by hydrogen (to minimise pollution) could help cover an area of 140km in diameter. This plan would be less costly for operators than installing a multitude of special new antennae.

When 5G Gets Political

As concerns about 5G are increasing globally, the No5G movement in Australia fights the installation and deployment of 5G networks in the country and has plans to become a veritable political party. Its aim is to prevent damage to health and the environment and to promote legislation seeking to regulate 5G. No5G movements could rise around the world like the “Pirate” parties that happened a few years ago to protect personal data online.

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