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Welcome To Open House

Welcome To Open House
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
May 01, 2017
7 reasons to visit the new lifestyle hub at Central Embassy

We have to hand it to Central Embassy about their latest venture. In an unprecedented move, the luxury department store has truly identified and combined into one space the diverse needs of its active, modern customers. We give you seven reasons why Open House - the new name of Embassy’s sixth floor - is an urban lifestyle ecosystem like no other in the city.   

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1. They’re serious about books

books1.jpgIt’s all about rare titles here, from obscure art books and magazines - and even a few zines - to out-of-print collectibles. You can find a mix of Thai and English books in a system of organization which, unlike at other bookstores, feels nebulous yet logical. If you don’t know where to start, clusters of tasteful recommendations are placed throughout the space, along with comfortable reading sofas. Or, just head to The Book Tower and Book Wall where all the must-reads are displayed.   

 2. A selection of restaurants you can never get bored of

restaurant.jpgPeppina alone is a sell, but The Raw Bar, Bao and Buns, Muteki and Paris Mikki too? In total, Open House has 14 eclectic varieties of restaurants, bars and cafes, including the newest additions Coffeeology and Spanish restaurant Rico. Vegans and vegetarians can also relax in looking for food as there’s a Broccoli Revolution here too.   

3. A sanctuary for creativity

art inspire.jpgDepartment stores aren’t usually where the art-minded go to get inspired, much less to progress their trade, but if Open House had any group of customers first in mind, we think it was creatives. Not only are there plenty of ideas stashed in the outstanding collection of bound pages, there’s a mini three-storey gallery at the centre of the space to seek direct inspiration from. On weekends, Open House also offers adults the chance to hone their craftsmanship with art workshops. Meanwhile, for more mature but still up-and-coming designers, the Open House Design Shop is a potential platform for them to introduce their works and build a following.  

4. The place itself is a work of art

architect.jpgNotice the nice foliage pattern of the ceiling? Those 9,000 leaves were painstakingly hand-painted by local artists for days on end. If you’ve got a keen eye for design, you’ll also appreciate the woven columns atop each restaurant pop-up, lending them a sense of consistency but also distinguishing them via different weaving patterns.  

5. A place for new kids to have old school fun

playground.jpgA child right now was born into a world of apps, and it can be a struggle to introduce them to fun that doesn’t require a wifi signal. The Open Playground is a homely corner of Open House that encourages kids to be kids. No instructions needed. Tiered platforms, a trampoline and ball pool speak a universal language. The zone is next to a section of children’s books and will soon be welcoming a slide.  

6. An atmospheric workspace with a view

workspace.jpgIf you think public work spaces are only a trend for students, Open House’s Co-Thinking Space will give you a new perspective. With its own cafe-bar Open Bar, a view of Phloen Chit Road’s majestic greenery and the umbrage inside the workspace itself, this secluded zone, hidden behind a bookcase wall, is made to foster productivity with comfort and style. 

 7. The theatre next door
theater.jpgWe admit that this is somewhat of a cheat point, as Central Embassy’s Diplomat Screens have been around since the department store’s get-go. However, it is a valid point that once you’re done getting lost in the books, the architecture, the food and drinks and all else at Open House that the cinema on the same floor just beckons you for one last leg of leisurely enjoyment.  

Open House, 6/F Central Embassy, 1031 Ploenchit Road,


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