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Travel Watch All 6 Episodes Of Expat Tiew Thai Right Here

Watch All 6 Episodes Of Expat Tiew Thai Right Here

Watch All 6 Episodes Of Expat Tiew Thai Right Here
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
January 13, 2021
Friends Nigel, Peter and Charlie make a strong case for packing a bag and going on an adventure in unseen Thailand

Thailand has 77 provinces, but many of us haven't even been to a quarter of them, much less half or all of them. At the same time, many of you reading this may have been to over 20 or 40 countries worldwide. Now that overseas travel is limited, even for those with deep pockets, perhaps it's time to find memorable experiences within easy reach. This is exactly the notion behind our Expat Tiew Thai series, which stars our very own Nigel Oakins and his two friends, Peter Hamilton and Charlie Stevens. The three young men—some young by age and some young at heart—decided to take a trip to lesser travelled places in Thailand, especially for the urban and expat community. If you haven't already, follow their adventures in six short episodes and learn that you don't need long-haul flights, visas nor much planning to discover great adventures and extraordinary travel experiences.

1/6 Episode 1: Nakhon Si Thammarat


2/6 Episode 2: Nhanmoddang


3/6 Episode 3: Phatthalung


4/6 Episode 4: The Cape


5/6 Episode 5: Hat Yai


6/6 Episode 6: Songkhla


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