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Wellness Valmont's Anti-Aging Tradition

Valmont's Anti-Aging Tradition

Valmont's Anti-Aging Tradition
By Thailand Tatler
June 27, 2018
The anti-aging cosmetics from Swiss scientists


The Swiss Alps, home to Valmont Clinic

Since 1905, Swiss beauty company Valmont has been at the vanguard of ground-breaking anti-aging scientific expertise. Located in the extraordinary Swiss Alps above Montreux and Lake Geneva, the Valmont Clinic has been the beauty destination for many politicians and other figures under the public eye. In the 1980s, Valmont changed the game by becoming the first to developing truly technically advanced cosmetic products to further the results of anti-aging surgeries.

Today, Sophie and Didier Guillon carry on the Valmont anti-aging Swiss tradition. As a family-owned business, they continue to strive to deliver beauty at the molecular level and to produce purest cosmetics from Switzerland's famously healing natural resources.

group-Famille-Guillon-1300x868 copy.jpg

The Guillon Family

Beauty At The Cellular Level

The power of Valmont’s success lies at the molecular level, relying on cellulotherapy to keep the skin healthy, young and beautiful. To reproduce that porcelain-esque skin that withstands the test of time for as long as possible, Valmont harvests macro-molecules from the nucleus of the skin’s cells. The extraction process uses DNA and RNA with anti-aging components to preserve regenerative power.

Because skin issues are tackled at the cellular level where are they rooted, the process is actually able to eliminate the problem at the source and can truly revitalise rather than simply try to cover up the problem, working only on the surface level. This is what sets Valmont from other players in the high end skincare market. 

valmont hydration.jpg

Valmont's Hydration line

Anti-Aging At The Heart

With anti-aging at the heart of all that Valmont produces, the brand contains several lines of products, each stemming from a significant scientific discovery in the Valmont Clinic and nutured to perfection over time. The  allowing each individual to address their specific beauty needs with care and precision.  Moreover, highly concentrated in formula, you'll only need small drops of product at a time to do so much for your skin.

While highly effective at a drop, Valmont products are best applied through a spa. Upholding its global presence and reputation, Valmont is present in over 50 countries with2,2000 points of sale for exclusive distribution. Available only at select spas or hotels in major cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo,  in Bangkok, you can purchase Valmont products and have them applied in an extremely relaxing spa at the Paris Spa at Alma Link on Chidlom. 


Valmont's Essence of Bees line, the only beauty products in the world that uses three essences found in bee hives: honey, propolis, and royal jelly

Visit for more information, or call 0-2254-8354 to book a session at the Paris Spa in Bangkok to experience the wonders of Valmont through trained professionals. 


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